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While I date actively and have been told that I am a handsome young man (will send face pictures when asked) by women, I"m looking to expand beyond the demure women I usually meet and fulfill my deepest desires. Despite the fact I carry myself confidently and am a rising young professional (so discretion is important to me), I yearn to let go of the control I usually exercise.

I"m new to the scene so I"d appreciate any guidance your wisdom, your collar, your cuffs, your crop, or your commandments can provide. I long to worship a sexy woman like yourself, and I"ll do what"s required of me to insure you know that your rightful place is to be worshipped as the goddess you are. Will you please show me around the scene? Will you please introduce my virgin wrist to handcuffs and virgin ass to your strapon? Whatever you desire is my command...

UPDATE: I am also interested in maybe finding a couple where female is dominate.


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FANTASY: It is late and has been a hard day at work but a good one. I have completed several complicated deals and made the company a large amount of money. Wrapping up the day, I"m checking my the voice mails that the senior partners have left me lauding my great work. I"m satisfied, but I"m longing for something more. Just then, the door opens and my mistress steps in wearing dark leather and 5 inch heals. The first thought is to worry that someone might have seen her come in the office. She predicts my thoughts: "No, not a single person in the building. It is 2:00 a.m. you know? I"m angry at you because after 12 is my time, and I"m going to make you pay." Just then, throwing off the mink coat I bought her, she struts over towards my desk, breasts bouncing, with a large strap on swaying in front of her. Grabbing my Ferragamo tie, she pulls me up to her face. "You are going to beg me for this dick." Helpless and staring into her eyes, I respond only "Yes, Mistress." Pushing me back down into my chair, she slaps me on the cheeks with her strap-on. Mesmerized, I helplessly look up and open my mouth. She directs me to suck and get her strap on wet, and I notice she has flavored it with her own nectar so I enjoy the sucking and licking. After its nice and wet, she pushes me over my desk with authority, laughing as she rips off my custom tailored slacks. She directs me to grab the phone in one hand and my mouse in the other to check e-mails. "You"re going to see that you can work while I work you. I"ll have no less from you." As she smacks my ass. She then tells me, "This is the biggest you"ve ever taken, but I"m not going to use one ounce of lube unless you take it all while on the phone with a business contact." Fearful, I respond, "But who can I call at 2 a.m.?" She responds, "You"d better expand into Asia." Thinking, I remember a deal I"m working on in Singapore so I call there. Having trouble getting in touch with the person I"m seeking, I"m forced to talk to several secretaries. Unsatisfied, mistress begins to rub the strap"s extra large head on my opening. Knowing the pain I"ll feel if she doesn"t use lube, I become aggressive on the phone "I don"t care where he is I"m going to talk to him." Soon enough the high level contact is on the phone apologizing to me for making me wait. With my headset on Mistress proudly pulls my head back roughly and kisses me deeply. "Time to get down to business." And just as the business conversation gets going, I feel a big splash of lube quickly followed by the head of the strap on. As I"m negotiating with the contact one the phone, Mistress is pounding my ass with her large strap, and besides a hardly noticeable whimper no one would ever even know. Soon enough, I"ve closed the biggest deal of my life, and I hang up. As I do, Mistress sadly stops my ass banging. Proud of me, she kneels to kiss me and says "I"m proud of that ass pounding you took, but now I want you to take it all balls deep." Her niceness quickly turns to meanness as she turns me over on my desk, grabbing my ankles so my feet are in the air. Then in one long thrust inserts the entire strap on into my ass. I cannot help but whimper and scream... But it feels so good I also beg "Please fuck me, please..." She responds "I"ll fuck you with all 12 inches of this dick." I quickly forget about work, stop caring if anyone is there--it wouldn"t matter if I were in being fucked in front of a crowd of 2, 000 people--I"m just laying there on my back, ankles in the air, moaning, and screaming, "Fuck me mistress with all 12 inches of that cock." I"m in pure ecstasy. Little did I know than her husband walked in and before I knew it she was guiding his member into my mouth, which I took deeper down my throat with every thrust of her strap-on...cont...

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Not interested in single guys...sorry if you don't think I'm open-minded, but women just turn me on...Please no single guys...


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Thx u for the request :)

3 years ago

Not interested in single guys...sorry if you don't think I'm open-minded, but women just turn me on...Please no single guys...

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