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Kaptin Kanuckles!!!

Iâm a 23 year old female living in Toronto trying to explore my sexuality and meet women of the same orientation, maybe make a new friend here or there. I work in the Theater and Film industry. I"m a freelance Tech trying to make my way in the queer world.

Turn Ons

Smart confident women, who know what they want; men too. Respect for others is always a turn on and a willingness to experiment. I have a big thing for blonds..I really don"t know why. I also dig piercings and ink. I fall in love with whom ever I fall in love with!

Turn Offs

Racisism, ageism, sexism and homophobia. People who judge others. Mean spirited people, and those who think their wallets are more important then their friends and family. I"m not into everything in the world, but if it gets you off, then all the power to ya!


Mysterious Skin, The Lookout, Brick... just about anything with Joseph Gorden Levette. Requiem, My First Mister, Repo(TGO) If these walls could talk....Something with with story, passion, not just your average blockbuster, but I do enjoy fantasy and horror flicks.


Watching flash or anime, theatre, science, food and chocolate, live music, trying to find decent lesbian porn.


Oh, wow I wouldnt even know where to begin.


The classics, and just about every thing except for sci-fi/vampire stuffs. My favorite authors would be either Martel or Irving.

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2 years ago

do u hv skype adam.hayes82 or yahoo [email][/email]

6 years ago

I love the movie, Mysterious Skin!Tongue out

6 years ago

Hi sexy, would love to talk to you

kisses from cille

6 years ago

so you like cum on food ?

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