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More furs! Just when he thought he was getting over this a little, he was going to have to deal with more fur. He wondered what was on the video. Of course he would watch it, since Leslie told him about the video. He thought to himself, maybe he should wait a little while so that he could suppress his interest in the furs. However, he could not wait any longer. He went upstairs to the 4th bedroom. He opened the closet and just as Leslie had said, there were more furs. There were not as many as before, but still there were about 5 or 6 coats and jackets. There were also more hats, boas, and other fur items. He pulled them out of the closet and put them on the bed. He spread them out on the bed. He found the videotape on the floor of the closet just as Leslie had said. He put the videotape in the VCR and sat down on the bed with the remote in his hand. He hesitated. Should he go forward with this? Was this slightly perverted? Should a man his age be sexually playing with furs? In his mind, the answer to some of these questions was no. However, the erotic urge was taking over. He could not stop himself from continuing. He started the VCR. It was an erotic fur video. The participants were Leslie, Paul, and four other very attractive women. He recognized one of them as Brandi from the fur salon. The video began with the four women in a king-sized bed playing with each other sexually with many furs. They had long beautiful fur coats and were kissing and rubbing each other with fur hats, boas, and gloves. There was a lot of moaning going on and all the women were really enjoying it. The women paired off two by two and then switched with each other. It was a female fur orgy! Brian was becoming more and more aroused. He unzipped his pants and began to rub himself with one of the fur coats, a thick, soft blue fox coat. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then the door opened in the room in the video and Leslie and Paul entered. Paul was naked except for a fur blindfold and a fur gag around his mouth. Leslie was leading him in the room as if he was her prisoner. As soon as they came in the room, the other women jumped off the bed and came over to greet them. He had a long, thick chinchilla boa wrapped around his neck and Leslie had hold of the end controlling him. Leslie stayed behind him and was rubbing his buttocks with fur. Another of the women came around behind him and tied his hands with a blue fox fur boa. Brandi came in front of him, spread his legs and began to rub the sleeves of her lynx coat on the inside of his thighs. Even with the fur gag on, his moaning could be heard on the video. The other women were alternately rubbing his chest with fur and running their tongues over the same area.

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