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You put your soft dick in my hot mouth. I began slowly sucking your dick and licking your thick head... Your dick began to harden, I start taken long passion strokes, the harder it gets the more inches I take, I can now feel your dick at the back on my throat. I suck your dick nice and slow, I take every inch, my nose is now touching your pubic hair, your dick so deep in my throat, my throat muslce grip on the head, I can now taste the pre cum... You pull your dick out and place on a condom. I ly on the bed with my ass so wet for your dick. You"re ready to come inside, so you slowly shove every inch of your thick dick, deep inside me, filling me up. You slowly grind your thick dick into my warm, succulent hole, my back starts to arch as I getting into the motion of your dick. I start to throw my ass, while using my hole muscle to cling on to that dick. My hole is so hot ,wet and deep ,, I start hearing that wet, popping sound,, you feel the sensation of my grasping hole clinging onto your dick, as though never letting go, You"re about to cum, this hole is soo good, you pull out. I remove the condom and place your dik in my hot mouth to finish what I started. I take a couple nice long strokes, you start to tremble... I go deep until your dik is at the back on my throat, I use my throat muscle to pump all your hot thick cum... I swallowing it all, I remove your dick from my mouth and start cleaning it with my tongue, then I blow dry it... I love dick...

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the popping wet sound of fucking, Someone who is really into sex, really want to each other to full good.

Turn Offs

rude people

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Give me that nut!
11 months ago
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He said he was 27
2 years ago
big ass dick
6 years ago
A small load...
4 years ago
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Fun w BBC
6 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: PapiFachero
1 year ago

You've got a great ass I would love to fuck!


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1 year ago

Hey bud thx for the comment.  glad you liked the video.  Lov the comments keep them coming....Tj

1 year ago

You've got a great ass I would love to fuck!

1 year ago

Hey thx for the comment.  Glad you liked my video.  Keep watching...

1 year ago

thanks for the invite and for liking my video!

1 year ago


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