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Sooo hot

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Thanks for the request man.  

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Thanks so much for the invitation !  I really appreciate it.  Nice to see someone that is so handsome so close to home, so to speak. Love the pix of your balding head (and, of course, of your cock too!)  Keep in touch......thanks again,  

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Thanks for the add sexy!!

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thank you for the request and the comment, handsome man!

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thanks for the add, wish I was sitting on your perfect cock!!! 

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Hello new friend. You are beautiful

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thanks for the invite Bro

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hot pics & favs... nice dick ;)

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In Idaho we should meet

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hot cock

3 years ago

Idaho here too!  Let's get together!

3 years ago

wow, I am amazed and turned on by that gorgeous horny looking cock of yours, I love it it. Please rate me and comment on my profile , my pics and videos x

3 years ago

Hey Im Jon. Im here to chat. I hope when you added me or i added you, that you were up for chat. Hope to hear from you soon

4 years ago

Hey, you on now? Come over and say hi. I love your cock, and I can tell you where I first found your name>>>

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Thanks for friend add. Would LOVE to service that Daddy dick of yours sometime. Wish you were closer.

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thank you for the add !!! a splendid hot cock !!!

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hi! thanks for the add. nice cock dude. hope you like like recently upoaded pics of mine. hit me up! cheers!

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Appreciate the add dude - like your interests.

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Thanks man!  so happy you like our videos....  ; )

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thanks man, nice meat!

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Thanks for favoriting my vid, glad to accept your friend add request  Cool  I.B.


5 years ago

                     Tractor Trouble

                                            by Wayne Bracford

The fucking god damned cocksucking piece-of-shit tractor wasn’t doing its job. It kept stalling out, maybe ‘cause it was out of gas. Since the gas gauge didn’t work, it was hard to tell what the problem was. I banged the shit out the rusted-up gauge with my fist to no avail. It just kept reading a big fucking “E”. The tank was almost empty, but too dark to see any gas level, so I just let it sit. Fuck it, I thought. I didn’t give a rat’s ass. I’d have to stop yanking tree stumps out of the pasture for the day; a chore I never looked forward to anyway.

July wasn’t the best time to be doing this kind of work, but it was on my “to do” list this week. Dad was good about “lists.” He gave me “the list” every Monday and I had until Saturday noon to finish it off. It was always full of bullshit tasks, some more important than others. But, I knew I’d have to get this two-acre plot cleared of stumps before the month of August. Dad had sold the plot to the township for a song. The city fathers were building a park for the fine citizens of our small burg. Dad could afford to sell it. We weren’t using it. It had been dense woods a few years before. It was my job to clear a little at a time until the town had the money to start putting in a recreation building, small baseball field and playground equipment.

It was getting hotter as the afternoon sun sat high in the heavens. I pulled off my John Deere cap, pulled out my hankie and wiped my brow. The humidity didn’t help things any. After grabbing my pack of Marlboros out of the front pocket, I pulled my sweat-soaked t-shirt off and flung it on the tractor seat.

Rivers of salty sweat were rolling down my chest to the top of my 501’s and down to my pubic hair and eight-inch cock. Miniscule beads would turn into rivers as they made their way between my pecs down thru my newly-sprouting chest hair and onto my belly. I had just started growing hair on my chest that summer. I was eighteen and mother nature was blessing me with a soft mat of fine hair that was creeping up from my belly to my pecs, I popped the top button of the Levis and zipped half-way down to let my bush cool. It helped a bit, but still didn't get much cooling air to my damp balls. I pulled on the crotch of my jeans to give my boys a little breathing space. I went to the tractor seat and grabbed a Marlboro and lit up with my Zippo. I snapped the lighter shut with a back snap and put it back in my pocket. I inhaled deeply on the Red and let it loose thru my nose in long slow jets. It smelled and tasted incredible. I started to relax a bit. I sat down on the dry hard-packed ground and leaned back on the tractor's tire. It afforded a little shade. I needed a drink badly.

Squinting against the bright sunlight, I saw Dad’s Ford pickup approaching the fence and kicking up clouds of dust in its wake. He turned into the pasture and drove up to where I was sitting. He had a crooked grin on his face and as he climbed out of the cab. I noticed a six pack of Bud in his right hand. Relief, I thought. He walked up to me and handed me a beer. I popped the top and drank a long cool draught.

“You got a fuckin’ hot job today, son,” he said, as we guzzled our beers.

“Yeah, dad. I guess you could say that.”

With a glance to my half zippered down jeans, he grinned at me as he said,

"Looks like you're coolin' your balls off a little. Why don't we take a break and

sit down on that big rock under the oak tree? We'll have another beer."

We turned and walked toward the big flat rock under the tree and finally, into some shade. I followed closely behind dad. I always followed him so I could watch his ass move in his tight Wranglers. In his back pocket was a worn and faded ring of denim where he kept his Skoal. It bounced up and down on his ass with every movement of his thick thighs. His broad muscular back was framed by a plain white and tight-fitting t-shirt, now soaked with sweat. Dad was almost forty, tall, had light short brown hair, a handsome face with a square jaw and hazel eyes that sparkled when he looked at you. The bulge below his belt was my favorite view of him. Behind his zipper hung a ten inch fat horse dick and plum-sized testicles. I always remembered that his ballsac was my first home. I, at one time, had been shot through his sperm tube into a waiting wet and slick pussy. I took after him. My cock was a little shorter, but it was thicker. We both were uncut and that's the way it was. I was an almost perfect clone of him. People mistakenly took us for brothers.

"Let's sit down, son. It's cooler here," he said, as we both sat down on the large flat and cool shaded rock. "You gonna work anymore today?"

I told him of the tractor problem and he just said,

"Take the rest of the day off. You deserve it. I'll drive you back out tomorrow morning with a gas can and we'll see if we can fire her up."

He then stood up, set his beer on the rock and started to pull his t-shirt off. He crossed his thick muscular arms and grabbed and pulled the tails out of the tight jeans. His thick chest hair was matted from the heat, sweat and tight shirt. As he slowly pulled it up, I watched rivers of perspiration run down his broad chest to his flat belly. He pulled it over his head as I watched his armpits glisten in the bright afternoon light. I got his pungent man-scent from the slight breeze that passed over his chest and underarms. They smelled of man and hard work. My cock started to stiffen and drip. His smell always made my

my dick harden and I think he knew it. He reached down to my pack of Marlboros and shook one out.

"Where's your Zippo, son?"

"Right here, dad," as I pulled it out of my front jeans pocket, fired it up and lit his Red. I got one for myself and lit up. We both inhaled deeply.

"God damn, son, these Marlboros are fuckin' good smokes," he said as he released a thick cloud of smoke through his nose. The dense blue cloud drifted off, disappearing into the breeze.

"Just takin' after you, dad. They hammer your lungs real good, don't they? I don't know what I'd do without my Reds," I said.

"You'd probably be a meaner motherfucker than you already are," he said, as we both chuckled.

He sat back down and moved next to me so we were shoulder to shoulder. His wet skin stuck against mine as our arm sweat mingled. He put the Red in the side of his mouth and leaned back a bit. Undoing the top button of his Wranglers, he let out a sigh and pulled the zipper down part way revealing his thick bush. We were both sitting there with our matching pubic hair exposed to the breeze. Dad handed me another beer.

"Son, I see you're starting to grow some hair on your chest. One of these days it'll be thicker than mine. Your bush is getting thicker, too."

"Yeah, I guess I'm finally growing up."

Dad took a long drink from his Bud and set the can down. He rolled up his sweat-soaked t-shirt and laid it on the rock behind him. Lifting his muscular arms, he crossed them behind his head and laid back down on his back. His head rested on his wet shirt as he took another deep draw on the Marlboro. His bush showed even more as he pulled the zipper all the way down. I could see the big mound of his man-meat outlined through his jeans just below his open zipper. He reached down and tugged at his crotch to arrange himself. Sliding his rough hand into his bush, it found its way lower. His hand was under his jeans and firmly on his cock. He pulled his arm back out and rested it on his belly.

I did the same and laid back down next to him. Our damp triceps were touching each other as our sweat intermingled. Our armpits were separated by only inches. I turned my head to him and sniffed to get the stronger scent of his pit. My erection was dripping so much, a wet spot quickly appeared on my jeans. I caught dad glancing down at my bush and I know he saw it. He turned his head back and looked up through the oak tree branches. The dappled sunlight danced on our glistening bare chests as a slight breeze came up. It blew gently over us. It felt refreshing and cooling. I noticed again how handsome my father was, with his aquiline nose, strong jaw and thick lips. His eyes were framed by slight crow's feet as he squinted against the sunlight. His prominent thick beard stubble poked out from his slightly weathered chin.

He turned to me. Our faces were inches apart.

"Light me up a Marlboro, son, would ya?"

"Sure, dad," as I shook another Red out and fired it up with the Zippo. I took a long deep drag and then stuck it in his mouth. He grabbed it with his index finger and thumb, pulled hard, inhaled deeply and exhaled while saying,

"My armpits are pretty fuckin' rank from the sweat today. I really need to cool them off."

I knew what dad wanted, so I leaned over and stuck my nose in his armpit. The smell was rank and heady. It smelled of Marlboros and man. I sniffed hard and inhaled droplets of sweat up my nose. I stuck out my tongue and lapped up the rivers of juice flowing from his pores. As soon as I got one draining pore of his liquid swallowed, his body would release more. With the Red still burning in his mouth, he continued to let out thick clouds of smoke through his nostrils. The smoke drifted down to my nose and I sniffed it all in. He groaned in pleasure as I took each hair in my mouth and striped it of any sweat. I shoved my nose forcefully against the hollow of his arm. The taste of it made my cock throb and pulsate with surges of blood.. I felt the deep resonance of his voice in his chest as he breathed heavily. He let out a sigh and said,

"Yeah, son, lick all that sweat up. My chest is wet, too. Take care of it."

I sucked a minute more on his pit and got all the juice I could. It made a salty taste in my mouth that I savored before I swallowed. I lifted my head a bit and ran a lazy trail of spit from his rank underarm to his hard erect nipple on his left pectoral muscle. My father's pecs were so prominent and developed that his large brown nipples pointed down. I had to put my nose under the slab of his chest meat and shove it up so I could sink my teeth on the hard nipple. I opened my mouth wide and clamped my teeth on it and started to suck forcefully and gently chew, sliding my tongue back and forth over the very tip. The taste and coarseness of his dripping chest hair on my tongue was intoxicating. I opened wider. I wanted to nurse on the masculine breast milk he had behind the nipple. I continued to suck harder as he groaned and flexed his pecs up and down in a rhythmic motion against my chin. I slowly pulled off his tit and ran my tongue across and down his chest, lapping up every drop of man-sweat I could. I followed the line of his chest hair with my tongue to his navel. I stuck my tongue deep into it and found a pool of salty chest juice that I quickly sucked up with a loud slurp. I ran my tongue back up and over to his other tit and sucked and chewed on it while he moaned. I leaned down and stuck my nose deep into his bush, hoping to find more salt juice. I licked on his hairs for any leftovers. As I lifted my head, he looked down at me, and with a grin said,

"That's a good son. You know what to do if your father asks you. You must, because you came from my ballsac eighteen years ago. Lay back down on your back."

With that, dad stood up and pulled his jeans off, letting his full nine inches spring out into the waiting summer air. I laid on my back and looked up into the branches of the oak tree. Dad jumped up, placed his bare feet on either side of me and straddled my belly. His cock looked hard and pointed out from his thick bush. It danced up and down as he tightened his ass sphincter muscles. His large nuts swung low, back and forth below his member. Rivers of his sweat fell down onto my belly as he grabbed his cock and pointed it down to my belly. As I looked up at him, he grinned,

"You need a cooling shower now. Let your father give it to you."

"Anything you want, dad. You know I would do anything to please you."

With that, he pulled his long foreskin back and put his thumbs on either side of his cockhead and pulled his piss-slit open wide. A gush of his warm golden urine fell and started to bounce off my belly and run down to my exposed bush. I sat up for a second and took in a mouthful, as he started to hold back. I shucked my jeans off. My cock was rock-hard and my nuts ached for release. My belly and bush were dripping wet and smelled of my father's urine. The golden juice sparkled in the sunlight. He opened up again and pissed on my cock and balls soaking them. He stopped abruptly.

"Turn over, son. Your father has some more piss to unload into your ass"

I rolled over on the cool flat rock and onto my stomach. I spread my legs wide apart and lifted my ass. I shifted back a little so he could get to my bunghole easier. Dad jumped down from the rock, turned around and placed his wet and erect cockhead against my puckerhole. He rubbed it with his cock as he spurt out a short stream of urine to lube me up. I was anxious about his piss in my gut. I was hoping for a big load of his spunk along with it.

"Grit your teeth, son. Your dad is going to plunge deep into your hole."

He shoved his wet cockhead into my waiting hole. It hurt like hell and I let out a loud groan. He moved it back and forth to loosen me up and then shoved it all the way in up to his balls. I felt his nuts laying against my opened ass. I had all of him in me. I started to back up to milk his cock as he let loose a stream of warm urine into my waiting guts. It flowed in gushes and I felt my dick start to drip pre-cum.

"I'm gonna fill your ass up with my piss and then I'm gonna shoot a big load up there."

"Oh yeah, dad," I said. "Fuck my ass good. Give me more of your warm juice."

He held still for a moment as I felt another river of urine start to slosh around in my guts. He started to pound me hard in and out as I felt my sperm rising from my nutsac. His stream was so forceful that his piss started to drip from my ass. It made a squishing sound as he continued to pump in and out. His big bull nuts banged relentlessly against my puckerhole.

"You feel my piss in you, son?"

"Yeah, dad. Give me more."

"I'm drained. I'm gonna fuck your ass wide open and shoot a big load of my spunk up there."

"Give me your cum, dad. I want to feel it in my guts."

Dad started to pound me harder and harder until I felt his sperm tube start to contract. I felt rivers of his cum shoot into me and mingle with his warm piss. He slowed down and then rested in me. I tightened my sphincter muscles to hold him inside me for as long as I could. I backed onto his cock and clamped my muscles down to milk it for all it was worth. I moved my ass up and down his still-hard shaft. I felt his piss and cum rolling around my guts and start to leak out of my puckerhole. I tightened up more to keep it all in.

"God damn, son! You know how to treat your father," he panted, as he slowly pulled his cock out.

He milked his cock and it spit out a little more cum as he rubbed it against my hole. I lifted my ass to get it all.

"Stand up now. I know you need to shoot, so shoot on my bush."

I stood up and grabbed my cock in my right hand. Dad laid back on the rock as I straddled him. I pumped and pulled until I felt the jizz come up from my nuts and enter my sperm tube. The semen forced its way through my piss-slit and I shot loads and loads of warm spunk onto his bush as he watched me with a smile and gleam in his eye. I moved the stream up to his mouth. Some of it hit his chin and lips. He slurped it up with his tongue. I slowed down and milked my cock for any leftovers. I was panting and out of breath. I pulled my cock from the base of the shaft to the tip and milked out the last of my spunk and dropped it on his lips. He licked it up and smiled.

"Fuck, son! That's some hot jizz comin' out of your cock. It tastes just like mine!"

He opened his mouth and I saw him rolling my cum around on his tongue. He was pleased.

He looked up at me and smiled as I, out of breath, laid back down beside him. He turned to me, and with his mouth full of my spunk, opened wide and planted his mouth on my lips. I opened wide to take in his cum-drenched tongue. I tasted my own spunk as he started to tongue fuck me. His tongue slid in and out of my mouth as I tried to wrap my lips around it and suck all my juice off. He got on top of me and rubbed his sweaty chest against mine as he continued to fuck my mouth. He lifted his face up until he was looking deep into my eyes.

"God damn, son! You know how to treat your father."

"According to the those Christian fuckers, I'm supposed to 'Honor Thy Father and Mother', right?"

"You did just that, son. Let's have a Marlboro."

He rolled off me and grabbed my pack of Reds, grabbed one out of the pack with his teeth and got into my jeans and fished out the Zippo. Lighting up he drew hard on the Red and then stuck it in my mouth. He grabbed one for himself. He inhaled deeply to the bottom of his lungs, held the smoke and put his open mouth on mine. I sucked the smoke out of his mouth and into my lungs. I started to fuck his mouth with my tongue. The Red tobacco taste hit my tongue with a vengeance. We exchanged Marlboro smoke until the Red was gone. We laid back on the cool rock. We both lay naked with piss and cum covering us. Dad turned to me and with a crooked grin said,

"You're the best son a man could ever have. I want to keep you around for as long as I can."

"As long as you keep fucking me the way you do, I'll stay around forever!"

copyright 2009/Wayne Bracford








5 years ago

                      The Lower Forty

                                          By Wayne Bracford

“God Damn! Fuckin’ nag of a horse!” my dad said, as he finished tacking on nails to the last of the mare’s new shoes. The mare was starting to get skittish as he finally finished the job.

The mare had tried to kick him, but without much luck. He was too close for her to get any kind of leverage for a forceful kick. Her kick hit the dead air with a “whoosh.”

“Son, let’s get the fuck outta here. Our job’s done,” he said, as he spit another wad of Skoal juice to the dusty corral ground in a long thick stream.

Dad helped our neighboring rancher, Bill, any chance he could, and this was one of those jobs. Bill was a nice guy with not a lot of money, so dad would treat his horses without charge. The rancher was an old friend, and dad, being a veterinarian and farrier, was skilled at all aspects of being a good old-fashioned horse doctor.

“Thanks again, doc,” Bill said, as we turned, dusted off our Stetsons and made our way to dad’s truck. Dad just waved and smiled, but I knew he was pissed. That mare was a bitch to handle. He had had enough for that day.

Dad was a real man’s man. He was about five-ten or so with short light brown hair. His hazel eyes set off his handsome and now slightly lined face. He was masculine without having to talk about it. His bull neck and broad shoulders tapered down to a thin waist and a tight and muscular ass. His thighs were thick and were perfectly framed by his Wranglers. He packed a big bulge in the front of his jeans looking like his cock and balls would strain the zipper enough to bust out. I looked at his crotch as often as I could and marveled that I came squirting out of that package eighteen years before. I wondered if my ever-growing cock would measure up to his. I’d been told often enough that I was a dead ringer for him. They all said I looked just like him; and I did. I could have been a clone. I was the same height and weight, same hair and eye color, same sounding voice and muscular frame. He was just twenty years older than me, but looked much younger than his thirty-eight years. People would mistake us for brothers. I knew I looked a lot like him and wondered if our cocks were identical. I hadn’t seen him naked in the shower for quite awhile. I’d dreamed of putting my lips around his dick and sucking his balls dry. I jacked off thinking about his hard rod up my ass and pumping it until I got a gut full of his cum.

As we walked up to the truck, he pulled his gloves off and started to unsnap the pearl buttons on his now dusty and dirty white shirt.

“Hop in on the driver’s side, son. You’re driving.”

We both slid into the front seat of the new Ford F-150. Dad slipped his shirt completely off showing dark thick matted hair on his muscular chest. The sweat was rolling down his chest in rivers. He looked over at me with a big grin, turned to me and flexed his rock hard pecs up and down. We both started laughing. He tended to be a showoff with his body. He had a lot to show off. Since he and mom had divorced a few years earlier, he had a string of girlfriends who would fuck him every chance they got. Dad was a true stud. I liked to think that I took after him.

“Son, it looks like your pecs are gettin’ bigger, like mine. Remind me sometime to take a closer look at ‘em.”

I thought the sooner, the better. I wanted to show off my chest, too. That summer, I noticed hair sprouting on it.

I turned the ignition and threw the truck into drive and punched the accelerator. The rear wheels kicked up dust and gravel as we left Bill’s ranch for home.

“That’s the last time I shoe that fuckin’ glue factory reject-of-a-horse,” he said, as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a Skoal can.

“Care for a dip, son?

“Fuck yeah, dad.”

Dad opened his Skoal can and pinched a big chunk off.

“Open wide,” he told me.

I opened my mouth and he shoved it in under my lip as I kept my hands on the wheel. He helped himself and put the can back in his back jean’s pocket. We both rolled the windows down. It was a warm day in Texas and we were gonna be spittin’ up a storm in a minute or two.

Dad reached over my chest and pulled out my pack of Marlboro Reds from my front shirt pocket and shook one out. He grabbed it with his teeth and then shook one out for me and stuck it in my mouth. He fired up the Zippo, lit us both up, and we inhaled deeply on the strong smoke.

“Fuck, son, these Marlboros are kickin’ my ass!”

“They’re good, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, they sure as hell are,” he said, as he spit more juice out the window. He took a long deep drag on the Red and exhaled. “You been smokin’ these a while, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Since I was sixteen, dad.”

“If you’re smokin’ Marlboros, you’re a real man.”

“Just takin’ after you..”

“We’ll buy a carton when we get to town. These smokes are so good, I think I’ll be suckin’ quite a few down. Skoal’s good, but there ain’t nothin’ like a good smoke.”

Dad took another deep drag on the Red and inhaled. As he exhaled he said,

“Pull over on that side road, son. I gotta piss somethin’ fierce!”

“Me too. I’m startin’ to get a piss hard on. It’s gonna be a bitch startin’ a stream with my cock pointing to the sky.”

“I gotta do the same thing. I got a roarin’hard on, son.”

I looked over at his crotch and saw a huge mound of man meat aching to be released.

“Guess so, dad. I think we both gotta take a long hard piss.”

I pulled the Ford over and parked by an empty clover field. We opened the doors and slid off the bench seat of the truck to the dusty dirt road. Dad stood at the side and faced back behind the truck and unzipped. He took a long drag on the Marlboro and threw it to the ground and crushed it out. I stuck my smoke in the side of my mouth, walked around the back of the truck and walked up to him. He was standing there bare-chested with his eight-inch cock hanging out from the zipper. He gave me a quizzical look, but he was grinning the whole time. His eyes twinkled in the afternoon sunlight. He spit out another load of tobacco juice. I unzipped and pulled out my now piss-hard fat nine-inch dick. It was time I showed it off to my father. He looked down at it and smiled. He hadn’t seen it for quite awhile and it had grown a lot. I knew he’d say something about it.

“Goddamn, son. You’re cock’s getting bigger all the time. You been getting any pussy with that thing?”

“Not yet, dad. I haven’t fucked a girl yet,” I said, as I took a long thick spit.

“Son, you’re eighteen and you’ve never stuck your dick in a wet pussy?”

“Not yet, but I will soon.”

Dad pulled back his foreskin and started his golden stream of urine with a forceful grunt. It flowed out of his piss-hole in torrents and was splattering close to my boots.

“Fresh hot piss on your boots will make the leather softer, son.”

“Sounds good to me, dad. Piss on mine, and I’ll piss on yours.”

Dad spit out some more Skoal juice. I started my stream with some effort. I was still half hard so I had to hold my cock down. I pointed my one-eyed monster at my father’s boots and let go a hard stream of hot fresh piss.

“That’s it. Get ‘em real wet, son.”

We continued to piss on each other’s boots until we were empty. We both stuffed our cocks back in our jeans and got back in the truck with our wet urine-soaked cowboy boots. I turned over the big Ford engine. It came alive with a loud roar as I backed out of the dirt road and onto the two-lane.

“Hey, dad,” I said as I pulled out my pack of smokes. “Have another Red?”

“Hell, yeah. I’m getting’ to like these. Let’s go into town. We’re both gonna need more smokes.”

We made a detour off the two-lane paved road and drove into our small hometown, went to the gas station and dad bought a carton. We loaded up on more Skoal and a couple of cans of Copenhagen. Dad bought a cold six pack of Rolling Rock and we hopped back in the truck, our boots making squishing sounds. Our socks and feet were swimming in our piss, but our leather boots did feel more supple.

We drove along the country road drinking beers, shooting the shit, spitting and smoking more Marlboros.

“I always say, Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em and we got a whole carton here, son. Let’s smoke ‘em up!”

“I’m with you, dad.”

“Let’s go check on the herd in the lower forty.”

I pointed the F-150 in the direction of that part of the ranch. We took a dirt back-road to the pasture. A cloud of dust followed in our wake. We pulled onto a small bridge over a culvert and parked. Dad pulled out his new Cope can and we both had a dip while surveying the emerald green pasture dotted with black angus cattle. We each pulled hard on the Rolling Rocks and Marlboros.

As dad spit another long rope of Cope juice, he looked over at me and said,

“Those beers are goin’ right through me.”

As we stood there facing each other, he slowly pulled down the zipper of his Wranglers and produced the thick rod that I had once shot out of. I stared at his half-hard cock as he pulled the foreskin back and forth and aimed it at my boots. I moved closer to him and unzipped producing my nine inch prime man meat. I moved closer. I lifted my cock up to meet his. Our dicks touched. His sweat was pouring down his belly and getting lost in his dark pubic hair and then running down the length of his member .He looked me in the eye and said,

“Push your cock tight against mine.”

He grabbed my dick and put my piss slit hard up against his. He pulled his foreskin over it.


“Piss as hard as you can. This is the way real men take a piss.”

He held tight on both our heads as his foreskin filled up with our warm piss. It started to dribbled down his hand. Our cocks were soaked wet with golden nectar.

“Stop now!” he said, as I did what I was told. I held the piss river back. He stopped his stream and said,

“Get on your knees and open your mouth.”

I threw off my Stetson and got on my knees in front of him as he looked down and grinned. I opened my mouth wide. Dad bent over a bit and spit a big wad of Copenhagen juice down my throat. I hungrily swallowed it. He spit again into my waiting mouth and then said,

“You need something to drink out here besides beer. I’m gonna give you a long drink so you won’t be thirsty for quite awhile.”

He moved his dick close up to my open mouth, pulled his foreskin back and started to piss into my mouth in a forceful gush. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time and I swallowed as much of it as I could. I couldn’t keep up with his stream and it overflowed out of the sides of my mouth, soaking my t-shirt. I moved my head forward a bit and wrapped my lips around my father’s pissing cock. I started to suck and move my head back and forth against him. I rolled my tongue around the wet and warm head. I grabbed his ballsac and started to squeeze slightly. He started to groan as I pumped harder for more juice. I slurped up the last of his piss but continued to pump his rod harder and harder. I felt his belly sweat fall on my face. He pulled his cock from my mouth, spit Cope juice on it and thrust it back hard into the back of my throat. I gagged as he started to shove it in and out of my warm and piss-wet mouth. He reached over to his front pocket and pulled out the pack of Marlboros and lit one up. He sucked hard on it and exhaled a cloud of sweet tobacco smoke down into my face. I breathed deep to get it all in. The smell of the smoke, sweat and piss was making me want to cum, so I grabbed my dick with my other hand and started to jack off.

“I’m gonna shoot a big load down your throat, son. You ready for that?”

I could only nod my head as I continued to pump up and down and squeeze his bull nuts.

“I’m cummin’, son! Fuck!”

I felt dad tense up and felt his sperm tube start to contract. I was ready for all he could give me. His salty baby-juice started to shoot into the back of my throat in rivers. I sucked harder as he shot load after load of his spunk. He shot more and more; I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. I squeezed his nuts harder as he let out a loud groan. I took my hand off his ballsac and grabbed the base of his cock. My other hand was furiously jackin’ my dripping cock. I had so much pre-cum flowing from my piss-slit, it fell in long thick ropes onto the grass. I started to milk more of his load out as I started to feel my jizz start to rise from my balls. I was on the verge of shooting my load. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I shot at least a dozen times in great arcs. Streams of pearl white spunk landed on dad’s still wet boots as I continued to unload my nuts on his leather. I finally slowed down and milked both our cocks slow and hard for any more. I glanced up, his cock still in my mouth as his sperm ran out the sides of my mouth. Dad was standing there looking down at me with a smile on his face and a Marlboro burning in his mouth. He took a long drag and said,

“Fuck, son! You really know how to suck a man’s balls dry. Fuck! You are one helluva man! You’ve had some practice at this, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I go over to Bill’s ranch and to the bunkhouse and blow the two hired hands of his, usually a couple times a week. I got a real hankerin’ for cum.”

“I can tell. You’re a good cocksucker, son.”

I smiled, stood up and grabbed a fresh Marlboro from his shirt pocket. I reached down into his jeans pocket and fished out the Zippo. I lit up, inhaled deeply and then placed the Zippo back in his pocket. I moved my hand from his pocket and reached down and squeezed his now-softening rod again. A small drop of spunk came up on the head. I pulled off the Red, bent down and licked it up. I rolled my tongue over the surface to get all I could. My own cock was still dribbling cum that landed on my boots. I squeezed and then stuffed myself back into my jeans as I watched dad shake his cock and then stick it into his jeans. We were both covered with sweat that glistened in the bright sunlight. I started to pull my t-shirt off. As I was lifting it up over my head, dad grabbed me by the waist and pulled me over tight up against his wet and dripping chest. Our nipples were hard and rubbing against one another. He flexed his pecs up and down and I met his movement with my own pec pumping. He pulled me closer. Our tits and nipples were pressing harder against each other. They danced amongst themselves in musky man-sweat. I could feel every rope of muscle in his pecs. I continued to flex up and down, making my nipples even harder. I felt his pecs get rock hard as they pressed against my flesh. He lifted my arm straight up, leaned down and buried his nose deep in my armpit. He rubbed his nose hard into the wet hair. I could smell my own musky perspiration as he started to lick all the sweat from my underarm. I felt his wet hairy chest against my belly. I raised my arm higher and he dug his nose in deeper and pushed his tongue hard against me. His beard stubble was scraping against my skin and it burned. He pressed his mouth wide over my hairy pit and sniffed and licked. He continued to suck my pit of any perspiration. He lifted my other arm and did the same. I felt him reach down to his cock. It was hard again as he started to pump on it. I heard him let out a groan as he spilled more of his spunk. It shot against my crotch drenching my pubic hair. He pumped more out, slowed down and raised his head. We were eye-to-eye, sweat rolling off our foreheads.

“Open your mouth again, son.”

I opened wide and he spit a mouthful of Cope and Marlboro saliva into my throat. I swallowed with a loud gulp. He grabbed my waist again and pulled me back over tight against him. We both relaxed in each others arms, out of breath and panting as our chests continued to heave up and down. I could smell sweat, smoke, Cope and jizz all at the same time. Liting up another Marlboro, dad said,

“What’s my cum taste like, son.”

“It tastes like mine, dad.”

“Well it should. You got the same DNA. Same genes, same cum! Come here.”

Dad turned his perspiring face into mine. He rubbed his beard stubble against my face. I felt his lips move to mine as we each closed our eyes, opened wide and took each others tongues into our mouths. Our tongues darted back and forth in unison churning up dark tobacco juice in our spit. I pressed harder against his lips as we continued to lock tongues. The taste was of hard working cowboys; sweat, jizz and tobacco. He pulled off, stood back and spit a huge wad of Cope juice out.

“That was a fuckin’ workout. Son, you know how to treat a man. I think I’ll keep you around.

He shook a fresh Marlboro out of his pack and handed me one. He took another with his teeth and we both lit up. I felt the strong smoke hammer my lungs as I inhaled deeply. I looked over at him. He squinted as he pulled hard on his Red. The smoke rose up to his nose and eyes. Looking through the haze, he said,

“Let’s have that last beer. We might have to take another piss soon.”

Copyright 2009/Wayne Bracford

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fuck dude...I would gladly take your cock for a ride:P

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You are welcum!

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Thank you very much!

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Thanxs  nice size dick too!!

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thanks :) for you massage :) man

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Thanks for your comment on my video!

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