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the juice is worth the squeeze

I"m now really getting into being watched by women and watching them online. It is a real turn on for me having women watch me masturbate/have sex. I"m working on getting my gf involved, but for now shhhhhh.

Would love to do a tribute video for you too! Might do some for a lucky girl unrequested ;)

I am starting to see how this site is a community that I"m very interested in. I also like to do live chat on an adult webcam site. Message me if you want to meet up there sometime or on skype.

Love love love internet play, willing to try a lot of stuff on cam.

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5 years ago
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me and sue pt. II
5 years ago
me and sue
5 years ago

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3 months ago
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Best of Sexytina
2 years ago
Striped Amateur
3 years ago
3 way
3 years ago
just plain nice
5 years ago
strip tease
7 years ago

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5 months ago

thanks for cuming to my vids boo.

2 years ago

my pleasure, cher -don't be shy ;-)

2 years ago

well now ...hello there cher -thanks for the invite -you're pretty tight with them, so I figure you must have seen something that you dug to extend one -now all you need to do is cruise back by so you can tell me what it was ;-)

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