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D-manager Rules: Love, Peace, Sex, And Anything else is jus materialistick

What up, This Ya boi D-manager, Coming Straight outta San-Deimma california, I love writing short erotick stories, Sexy Dark Haired Women, and if you can thinK of anything that goes good with Behind close doors lemme know I like it all. ^_^.. Holding a 10 Inch Dick, I'm Young Soon to be 21 Black Brotha, Brown Eyes is What I would be staring at you with if I was sitting across from the other side of the table. This would be my 2nd Time trying out this Xtube thing.. SO Feel free to check out other vids I have..Alreayd posted up from my prevoius account. Idk.Jus something about Thick Wads busting all over a SHy ladies face Is just hot tO me...Mmm..I love Cumming! Its the best sensation.. lvoe peacce and funny is all IM about so If you don't know how to be down 2 earth, then this is not your place to be..Im only down for true Ppl, NO fakes..Plz jus save that shiiat for ya Mama..Live life, love sex, and play as many games as possible cuz who knows when 2marrow will be your last.???

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Sugar Mamas
8 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: mallain
5 years ago

Wish you would come back :(


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5 years ago

Wish you would come back :(

5 years ago

Its a shame that you and your videos are gone :( Loved Cum Wars and your hand polo videos

6 years ago

great to see new pictures, now if we could get a new video :)

7 years ago

we need some new vids :)

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