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Restoring my foreskin!

Thanks for all of the compliments about my restored foreskin.

I used manual methods (no surgery). I"m only 70% done, but I"m very pleased with the progress so far in looks and function. I was cut extremely tight as a baby. My skin was so tight I bled when I had erections as an adult. I"ve made great progress in skin coverage over my glans, and a hundred-fold increase in sensitivity. As you can see, the results so far look like pretty much like original equipment. If I can restore from nothing, any guy can. Trust me, it"s worth it! Some great resources: (wealth of information. The "bible on restoration)

Check out these sites to see the progress of other guys who are restoring. Many guys on these sites are already fully restored.

These sites have great information plus forums on the various restoration methods one can use. Restoration takes a while, but increased sensitivity & function came early on for me.

GWM, 63, 5"10", 190 lbs, HWP, furry head-to-toe, thick, 6.5" with big knob. Romantic. I love touching, rubbing, massaging.

Turn Ons

Foreskin (esp. on larger dicks), fur, chewable nibs, pre-cum, eating cum, tight asses, wicked smiles, sucking nipples and licking armpits, Confident but gentle tops.

Turn Offs

Attitude, extreme pain, bad breath. I do love musk and the swell of sweat, but not rank B/O, and I especially like the taste and smell of an uncut cock.

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6 years ago

Thanks for your nice comments on my pics and vids.  Beautiful uncut cock on you too.  From one avid foreskin fan to another.  Cheers rob.  (are you a redhead too?) x

7 years ago

I love uncut cock. I'm so Jealous!!!

8 years ago

nice cock man

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