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The Black Dick Bandit Is At It Again! Chicago~~~

Well, as the great veteran rapper Jay-Z would tend to say, what more can I say? Ahem........A whole lot when it boils down to me!
So let's see.....I know I am someone who's worth getting closer to.

Number one reason is that I have an wonderful outlook on life. It can be painful, joyous, and sometimes, bring out either the worst or the best in you, so I try not to get in the way of my true feelings. I know at certain times, I can tend to be pretty strong to anyone's taste buds. So, don't get mad at me if I say something out of pocket or make you pounder about me and my many different ways. If there's something you would like to know about me, you better be like those Nike commercials and just do it! Just ask me! As we all know, an close mouth never gets fed. Plus, whats an better way to know besides asking the press? Don't be shy, because I don't bite, I just tend to nibble on certain naughty places......! :)

Now......The Second reason is because I am not actually an down-to earth person. I am more like a person thats from the planet Jupiter or Saturn! Why do I consider myself as an alien? Because I don't act like the average human on this planet Earth! LOL I basically get a long with every body who has an brain, and who actively uses it. I can't stand an ignorant person, who tends to use an swear word in every sentence. (Pet Peeve) It's like.....really? I think its about time for you to invest on upgrading your personality......PLEASE! But, besides those who don't think that automorphisms is an word, (Look it up in the dictionary people!) I bring an joy and delight to anyone that I chat and hang-out with.

Number 3.......Most of my closest friends always tell me that my sense of humor is sometimes sarcastic and cruel, but those are the ones who truly know how I operate. Maybe you can be one of them! Seriously! No kidding! :) I know at times I can be one spicy meatball, but its all out of fun. I think at least everyone know someone who is that black sheep of their family, and NO! I am not the black sheep of mines, damn-it! lol I just have an very opened mind and I like to chat with people who can understand that about me. I would never try to make fun of an person with an handicap, now my question to you is......would you?

Number 4 would be that I am an honest person. I know I have let a hand-full of good woman go in my past, and the reason behind all of that was, I wasn't ready for an real relationship. Not to say that they was ready either. But, if I would of put more into it, I might of gotten more out of it then I was receiving. I reflect on some of my past ex girlfriends, and some of them was crazy over me......To the point of wanting to kill me for leaving them.......Please do not ask me why some of my ex girlfriends wanted to kill me, just find out for yourself! lol No. but to tell you the truth, my honesty made the realness come out of some females. And I think that in order to make feelings that real, you have to touch a person's heart. Stand out and still be yourself. And that would be me. Because I am different. I do standout. And if you don't believe me, talk to me and see for yourself.

Last reason everyone! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!.........Number 5 I love myself. And, in order to love someone else, you have and must know how to love yourself. And it's the truth. You can't be in love with someone if you don't take care of yourself. I take care of my body the best way I know how, (Soap and water now people! Going to the doctor, and trying to eat healthy!) I don't have sex with an strange woman or my lady friend without an condom, (I stay so fresh and so clean, and it happened only one time with my friend!) and I would never abuse myself, unless you include masturbation into the picture! lol But, I want you to feel how I feel when I look into your eyes, and when I touch and caress your body......I want you to receive goose-bumps. Why? I want you to feel love, affection, and all of my attention.

Turn Ons

Foreplay, sexy role playing, sexy outfits, someone who loves to give head, kissing, touching. Almost anything sexual. I love intelligence, nice teeth, and smelling goods on your body. Nice tits, and a fat booty. Most of all, someone who can be their self. Oh, and you must be able to tolerate me and my video games! lol

Turn Offs

Phony people, bad breath, someone who isn't bright, an female or t-girl who don't know what they want in a man, someone who can't understand fiction from reality. someone who is rude and an person who I can't depend on.


Hancock. The Dark Knight, Any Funny movie, Don't be a menace to south central, while drinking your juice in the hood, all the Friday's series, Dangerous Minds, Pineapple Express, Superbad, 300, What happens in vegas, and a whole lot of other good movies.


Well, I do make music on Fruity Loops, Sony's acid and screenblast, and don't forget about pro-tools and Reason. I love to play my xbox 360, so if I can find an female or t-girl who doesn't mind or better yet, loves to I would be smitten with that idea! :) I love porn, so go figure.....LOL I also love to play sports with the fellas sometimes and try to do my thing. Smoking an good blunt and drinking an nice cold beer. Even some hard liquor too......What you know about everclear? LOL


Mostly All types of music. I love rap, R&B, country, Alt. Rock, Smooth Jazz, and so on and so forth.....:)


Mostly sports magazines and gaming magazines.

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thanx for the feeling yo pro ^-*


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thanx for the feeling yo pro ^-*

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