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Guy Pro Masturbator seeks Female or Male Pro Masturbator

I really like your profiles, especially your favorite videos. Seven, six, zero - seven, five, eight - one, six, two, nine

Wondercock, I must say that I think you"re very sexy and HOT! You have a very long and mighty sex wand that I would like to be buried deep into my "coin slot" or you can gently rest your "wand" on my forehead so that I can smell and taste your "change purse".

BBW Fat_Metal_Chick, Every time I go to your profile and look at your photos, I get soo horny, my dick gets rock hard and I have to take off my clothes and start masturbating for a while. I day dream that you"re in a chair across from me doing the same with your favorite dildo....ummmmmm. Good times, Good times. I then fantasize that when you're about to orgasm, you stand over me and squirt your love juice into my wide open eyes and mouth. Just because I want to feel the sting of your passion .

You both are really mysterious and sexy members. Please add me as your friend, if possible. Thanks for such an erotic and hot profile page

Turn Ons

Hard ons, long shafts, man-milk on my face and male prolapses. Over-weight women with wet and hairy pussies to sit on my face till I pass out.......ummmmmm.

Turn Offs

Anything that is not related to my "turn-ons"


Broke Back Mountain, La Cage Du Fuex, To Wong Foo with love, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert


Masturbating in my back yard at night watching my neighbor's wife take a shower. Her husband is in the service so she is alone most of the year.......ummmm "Chubby Jar Ho's" turn me on soo badly.

Or going down town in my city late at night in the middle of the week. There is a homeless camp that I like to go to that is very secluded and away from most prying eyes. There I can relax and be myself and engage in the most dirty but very erotic anal sex that I can find. Those guys are soo nice to me and I always feel safe AND AT HOME WITH THEM.


I like all music, except for country and classical.


Most Gay porn magazines and BBW porn magazines

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