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just a good ole Texas boy looking to have some fun and meet new people.

Turn Ons

not really into anything to crazy.ï you must be somewhat smart and good looking.ï if you want a more specific answer just ask me.

Turn Offs

fat people, smelly people, rude people, stupidity, piss and shit. i wouldn"t say im racist but im really not into black or Chinese chicks.ï no problem with them just not my thing. oh also people with a foot fetish. there is nothing sexy about food. ï lets not forget the biggest turn off DRAMA.


comedies and horrors mostly.ï i have to watch movies that have action or something that catches my attention from the beginning


i love racing, the outdoors, and shooting guns.ï i like hunting but i hate waking up early and sitting silently waiting on something to come by. ï i like to build things.ï i am a very creative person and can pretty much do anything if i put my mind to it


i listen to just about anything. heavy metal, rap, classical, dubstep, classic rock and sometimes country.


audio books FTW.

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Everything is bigger in Texas 2
3 years ago
If you like what you see let me know.
3 years ago
Everything is bigger in Texas
3 years ago

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TS Domino pt.2
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TS Domino
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Taking it doggy
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French slut fucked
3 years ago

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