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Help daddy relieve a little stress!

Not much to say here, just taking a break and enjoying myself. lol. I do enjoy hearing the comments (not so easy for men to get when out in public... though I"ve had some nice ones at the gym). Oh ya, I"m not really a "daddy".

I love, love, LOVE to suck a great-tasting pussy and clit. God I love clits! Would die to find a nice big one!!!

I believe in a free xtube. It used to be much more fun before everyone thought they could make a quick buck by charging to see their videos. Shame. Maybe the ugly ones should pay me to watch their videos? lol

Why do so many hot girls create profiles only to shut them down? You know you can just remove your picture, pretend you"re not here, and still sneak in and enjoy some video"s. Are there stalkers bothering you? If so ï tell the rest of us, we have ways of getting to them.

If you"re good (and by that, I mean "bad"), I might make a personal video for you... or maybe we can play together on cam sometime.

Please leave comments or, even better, send me an email!

Turn Ons

Sweet, sexy, beautiful women who know how to stay in shape. Dirty minded girls. Having my balls pulled, my cock sucked, my asshole fingered (all at once). Seeing how many times I can make a girl cum with my tongue (LOVE to use my tongue!). Submissive girls.

Turn Offs

Smokers suck (lol), heavy drinkers, and eaters (that would be "literally" heavy eaters. lol). For those asking, sorry, I"m not into dudes.

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Tribute Painting for Cassandra
12 months ago
My first jerk-off video... and a sloppy one!
2 years ago

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4 months ago
kate - takyon-xxx..
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1 year ago

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Top Comment #1 by: LatinBeautie
1 year ago

Naughty thoughts cum to mind all the time... Nice cock..


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1 year ago

Naughty thoughts cum to mind all the time... Nice cock..

2 years ago

thanks for request .make a tribute to me,please

3 years ago

Thanks for the compliments BB. U wanna unload inside this nawty pussy? ;)

3 years ago

Thanks for the request!! :) and i love spankings. 

3 years ago

mmmmm nice cock ;)

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