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still standing after 15shots!

im ashanti they say Im d' nicest so I guess Im nice. I can be ur friend but never ur worst enemy b'coz why bother making enemies when u can just ditch them and go on with what u do best havin' a life. what you see is not what u get so come inside and take a look around. Dont think Im a snob jaz secluding myself to some people who have a deteriorating brain and the like. But Im actually friendly. Wow! Confused ha. I do crazy stuffs. Friends say Im funny bit corny. Spoiled. Stubborn! Hardheaded. I love challenges. I stick to my intuitions. I dont let other people control over my decisions. I symbolize a very happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be. Harsh or cheerful. I remain unaffected. In fact. I spread cheer wherever I go, really. I am good at consoling people in their times of need. I dislike hypocrisy and tend to be away from hypocrites.Sometimes, if we can get along better than any other sH*ts in the world, then we can jive.. if not. why make ourselves feel worse? Just simply quit... (stuff) Im a freak, Im shy, Im wild, Im hyper, Im a crammer, I work hard, I fight, I love, Im weird, I fool, I laugh, I forgive,Im imperfect (no duh..), Im adventurous, I derive joy, I see everythin' as an illusion, (but still) I enjoy, I comment, I form opinions, I curse, I blame, I judge, im a obsessive compulsive,im a halfchinese, Im talkative, Im unwanted, I moan, I cry, I smile, Im a murderer, I kick ass, I get my ass kicked, I call, I text, I listen, I daydream,I read, I write,Im "TAMAAAAD". Im hostile, Im cool, Im hot-tempered, I believe in God, I defend, I talk trash, Im pardonable, I hate my enemies, Im broken, Im serious, Im an asshole, I want respect, I disrespect, I hate math, Im insane, I pray seldom, Im selfish, Im generous, I love my family, I love my friends, I dont like myself, I dont like my life, i cant do anything with it, i just have to live it.~PEACEOUT! =)


windstruck mysassygirl honey littleblackbook shestheman lovewrecked materialgirls lakehouse sleepover ifonly thenotebook setitoff hitch brokebackmountain thegirlnextdoor inhershoes justlikeheaven whitechicks how2loseaguyin10days 13goin'on30 50firstdate can'thardlywait whateverittakes awalk2remember cityofangels sororityboys whatagirlwants meangirls bringiton inowpronounceuchuck&larry themirrorhas2faces


watching dvd's,shopping,shoving to the beach and chillin in the club!


reggae house bossa trance techno soul hiphop&rnb

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