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Dudes, if you"re straight or gay that"s cool, but don"t be sending me friend requests. I"m just not interested.

I know wat ur thinkin... "Awe". Oh Ghod! Hi, am Freshy, who u? Oh dont ask, Im not as naughty as I look. LMAO Man am so lyin my ass off. Hell yah I am. What gave me away? Ha. Want me 2 tell u all about it? Good! Cuz I aint.

Oh n if ur a dude. U better not b sending me no invites cuz am so gonna smack u. Oh Oh. U think Im kidding. Ok! Go ahead n slip up see what happens. Yup!

Turn Ons

Kissing. lots n lots of kissing. I was built 4 those. Lingerie. Dirty talk. Attitude!

Turn Offs

Everythang else! Boring ppl. Selfishness. 2 much damn ego. Pretentiousness. Gurls who act all boyish. Ugh! Turn off. Leave that 2 me plz. thank u. lol. Oh, I think am kinda superficial. Like I always expect a woman 2 look sexalicious at all times. So ya. If ur not, then...Oh boi. Turn off. ha! lol


Some action Flick. If there aint lotsa kicking, punching n blowing up. I"m not really interested. BUT! Sitting n ma lap gets me 2 watch whatever. lol


Playing Chess, V games, Making music, Listening 2 music, watching movies, Driving.


Everythang EXCEPT Country. Ugh! well most of that genre.


Any History/Science/Math/Physics book. Im interested in. Anythang else I dont really care.

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4 years ago

Those sexy lips would feel great on my ass 

4 years ago

Thanks sexy (:

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