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wannabee perv wants help

Look i am not yur usual horny man stalking others for sex. i seek friendship first, incredible hot sex later, or i scream while yur fucking my ass, cuz i usually top. i dunno, it never works out that way, lol That"s me. :-| life of a dysfunctional fag.

I used to C2C starting in the late 90"s into the 2000"s sorry you missed it. not my problem. Got tired of meeting fakes.

btw... i love all you freaky exhibitionists out there & the movies you make. I"ve done my own share & have been caught MANY times, just never on cam. Stories i could tell.

A fat woman in love with me taught me how to deep throat, big mistake on her part. The smell of anything sexual turns me on. I think i might b bisexual but i"ll totally deny it. In the mean time... COCK turns me on. Thats something me & a woman have in common.

----i would like to find love/romance on this awesome website, just as i have many times on others, i"m old enough, smart enough, to realize... not gonna happen because i only accept myself, but never loved myself. Ya know?

My problem is that i need to be more aggressive to the bisexual guys who drop clues on me, but i"m so fucking blonde i just don"t get it. Ya know what i mean? That LOOK they give you & that surprised look u give them. Yur scared & theyre fucking horny & the wife is gone. For some reason, i just can"t do it as i see their tongue drool out their mouth, asking me questions to keep conversation open. I let it go over my head. That"s kinda fucked up.

Usually the guys who come onto me in the mountains are in good shape, see me sweating my ass off, & there is NO WAY i"m keeping up w/them. I mean come on, i"m fucking embarrased & not as strong. I"m doing my best but dudes driving or biking by me ask if i"m ok? wtf? Or ask other questions & check me out. My heart beats, I know they are interested, you see it in their eyes, but i"m so fucking embarrassed, & when they give me a crotch look & their mouth drops a bit, i fall over ---i mean, i literally fall over. What a dork.

I"m a perv & can"t even react right to other pervs. How fucking embarrassing!

Turn Ons

#1) Mountain men. They"re hiking, mountain biking, or cruising the roads looking for action. I AM TOO damn, PICK ME UP! fuck.

#2) Guys changing their clothes in parking lot & i pull in unexpectedly, especially if i see butt. O--M--G, instant boner in their face, very embarrassing for my passengers.

#3) Str8t neighbors watching me. Either they close their blinds, or they keep them open, & we watch each other. Sound familiar?

#4) A hard cock in front of my mouth. I don"t care whose hard cock it is, theyre hard because of me & demands respect or an apology. I"m not one to apologize easily, find it easier to respect.

#5) str8t guys at work who give me hints they"re interested. I never act on them, but i figure it took more guts for them to say what they said than it took for me to reject them. It proves i"m the real wussy.

Turn Offs

#1: Jocks with attitude... i was off/on with a Jock for past 9 years. Finally gave up! Jocks are trained to not treat people nice, male or female. They can be the nicest guys on the field, but off the field there is a LOT of anger & abuse. #2: women with attitude... fucking bitches.


i"ve done a few. None made it across the internet & got me fired, but i do know advertising my sexuality online did get me fired in 2003. Or as they called it... "laid off". That"s why i don"t show face anymore.


mountain biking, hiking (but not into the xtrme), camping. i don"t like guys coming up to my campsite in middle of the night & waking me up with a shotgun, not cool, even if yur laughing. i don"t care how hard your cock got when you found me passed out naked in the SUV. But when you shoved that shotgun in my face it fucked me up. As i sped off i realized... "your fantasy" is not "my fantasy" -----fuck dudes don"t do that to dudes. i wish i knew your name so we can do it again. i know you want to fuck me. You totally fucked me up that day Skagit County Perv. ---i still like camping though.

Music --gay/dance public radio, broadcast LiVE from Nathan Hale High School in Seattle at 89.5fm, or online. frikin awesome, even for an old fuck like me. test it. Click on the media player or winamp link of their site. Trust me, it"s kinda crazy, these are high skool kids playing Seattle"s only gay format radio station.


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Top Comment #1 by: peter411966
3 years ago

Thanks for accepting.....i know what a shame we are not near each other x


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3 years ago

Thanks for accepting.....i know what a shame we are not near each other x

3 years ago

I am near the other other Washington...shame...I wanna go on a hike with you ;P

3 years ago

thanks for you comment on my video :)

3 years ago

Thanks guy, wish I could grope that beautiful butt ;)

4 years ago

thanks love your pictures

5 years ago

Thanks for responding to my Friend Request. Smile

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