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Not too much to say here because lets face it not too many people come on here to read Ha Ha.
But more than happy to answer any question that could possibly enter ones mind.

Originally from Scotland but moved here to Australia 5ish years ago and now happily settled.Good sense of humour,kind heart and yes i can hold a conversation looking into your eyes and not between your legs.

Dont come on here too often as i am happy and contented with my life but lets face it i am a man and a sneaky little look now and again does no harm,Unless my less liberal parter caught me of course lol.

Im looking only for friends wherever you may be.

Whatever your age
Whatever your colour
Whatever your nationality
Whatever your political views
Whatever your religion
Whatever your job
Whatever anything.

Very easy going nothing really fusses me

Turn Offs

Unclean body, Bad breath


I prefer action and sci-fi movies but can pretty much watch most movies


Love to travel,Hate airports


I can listen to and relax to pretty much any music except hard rock.

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chben - Male , 41
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Sexual orientation: Gay
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