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I love BBW"s

Black Man Living in washington DC and loving all of the BBW"s. The only time I hang out with a skinny woman is so that she can hook me up with her thick friend!

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Big Women women with Hairy pussies and shaved legs.

Turn Offs

Skinny and stuck up women. Women who don"t like to get their pussies ate or suck dick.


The Matrix 1 and 2, Airplane, The Hangover


Sex, computers, Sex, Cycling... Sex, watching porno"s, sex, xtube!


Hip Hop, Jazz, Bebop


To many to name

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Chubby Swingers
4 years ago
Me and Hubby
7 years ago
Chubby Wife
2 years ago
Southern Fuckin'
3 years ago
scene 6
4 years ago
wet deep throat
7 years ago

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6 years ago

Thanks for commenting on my girl! Yea I would like to make the video's longer but dont know how to do it at Xtube? You should see the actual longer footage of her! She has 3 older sisters, the oldest is like not part of the family and is wit some ugly dude wit 5 kids and the last time I saw her, 2 yrs ago, she looked like she lost her body. The 3rd is the biggest and is the big bitch of the 4 with one teenager, she has the biggest tits and is single. Next is the sweetheart of the 4 and looks like my woman, tits.ass an all but is dumber than a doorknob with 2 little ones and a teenager but is still with the babies daddy who is a dumbass thug who has a so-called family from another woman that the family isnt supposed to know about? He is going nowhere with his life and treats her like shit! I would like 2 fuck her to but I have been with my woman for 11yrs and that is akward. I am gonna send more footage of my wife and I hope you enjoy? Rate em and rate the videos and pics you have already seen! Keep in touch,



6 years ago

thanx for the video comment sweety

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