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10 months ago
more fun
6 years ago
hot fuck
5 years ago
Cumming Again
7 years ago
face fucking BF
6 years ago
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Qucik Cum Shot
7 years ago
cum on my face fur
7 years ago

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4 years ago

Hey there. Wanna have an intimate encounter ;)? Im in the CLT area. Msg me!

5 years ago

http://www.xtube.com with black angus cattle. We each pulled hard on the Rolling Rocks and Marlboros.

As dad spit another long rope of Cope juice, he looked over at me and said,

“Those beers are goin’ right through me.”

As we stood there facing each other, he slowly pulled down the zipper of his Wranglers and produced the thick rod that I had once shot out of. I stared at his half-hard cock as he pulled the foreskin back and forth and aimed it at my boots. I moved closer to him and unzipped producing my nine inch prime man meat. I moved closer. I lifted my cock up to meet his. Our dicks touched. His sweat was pouring down his belly and getting lost in his dark pubic hair and then running down the length of his member He looked me in the eye and said,

“Push your cock tight against mine.”

He grabbed my dick and put my piss slit hard up against his. He pulled his foreskin over it.


“Piss as hard as you can. This is the way real men take a piss.”

He held tight on both our heads as his foreskin filled up with our warm piss. It started to dribbled down his hand. Our cocks were soaked wet with golden nectar.

“Stop now!” he said, as I did what I was told. I held the piss river back. He stopped his stream and said,

“Get on your knees and open your mouth.”

I threw off my Stetson and got on my knees in front of him as he looked down and grinned. I opened my mouth wide. Dad bent over a bit and spit a big wad of Copenhagen juice down my throat. I hungrily swallowed it. He spit again into my waiting mouth and then said,

“You need something to drink out here besides beer. I’m gonna give you a long drink so you won’t be thirsty for quite awhile.”

He moved his dick close up to my open mouth, pulled his foreskin back and started to piss into my mouth in a forceful gush. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time and I swallowed as much of it as I could. I couldn’t keep up with his stream and it overflowed out of the sides of my mouth, soaking my t-shirt. I moved my head forward a bit and wrapped my lips around my father’s pissing cock. I started to suck and move my head back and forth against him. I rolled my tongue around the wet and warm head. I grabbed his ballsac and started to squeeze slightly. He started to groan as I pumped harder for more juice. I slurped up the last of his piss but continued to pump his rod harder and harder. I felt his belly sweat fall on my face. He pulled his cock from my mouth, spit Cope juice on it and thrust it back hard into the back of my throat. I gagged as he started to shove it in and out of my warm and piss-wet mouth. He reached over to his front pocket and pulled out the pack of Marlboros and lit one up. He sucked hard on it and exhaled a cloud of sweet tobacco smoke down into my face. I breathed deep to get it all in. The smell of the smoke, sweat and piss was making me want to cum, so I grabbed my dick with my other hand and started to jack off.

“I’m gonna shoot a big load down your throat, son. You ready for that?”

I could only nod my head as I continued to pump up and down and squeeze his bull nuts.

“I’m cummin’, son! Fuck!”

I felt dad tense up and felt his sperm tube start to contract. I was ready for all he could give me. His salty baby-juice started to shoot into the back of my throat in rivers. I sucked harder as he shot load after load of his spunk. He shot more and more; I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. I squeezed his nuts harder as he let out a loud groan. I took my hand off his ballsac and grabbed the base of his cock. My other hand was furiously jackin’ my dripping cock. I had so much pre-cum flowing from my piss-slit, it fell in long thick ropes onto the grass. I started to milk more of his load out as I started to feel my jizz start to rise from my balls. I was on the verge of shooting my load. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I shot at least a dozen times in great arcs. Streams of pearl white spunk landed on dad’s still wet boots as I continued to unload my nuts on his leather. I finally slowed down and milked both our cocks slow and hard for any more. I glanced up, his cock still in my mouth as his sperm ran out the sides of my mouth. Dad was standing there looking down at me with a smile on his face and a Marlboro burning in his mouth. He took a long drag and said,

“Fuck, son! You really know how to suck a man’s balls dry. Fuck! You are one helluva man! You’ve had some practice at this, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I go over to Bill’s ranch and to the bunkhouse and blow the two hired hands of his, usually a couple times a week. I got a real hankerin’ for cum.”

“I can tell. You’re a good cocksucker, son.”

I smiled, stood up and grabbed a fresh Marlboro from his shirt pocket. I reached down into his jeans pocket and fished out the Zippo. I lit up, inhaled deeply and then placed the Zippo back in his pocket. I moved my hand from his pocket and reached down and squeezed his now-softening rod again. A small drop of spunk came up on the head. I pulled off the Red, bent down and licked it up. I rolled my tongue over the surface to get all I could. My own cock was still dribbling cum that landed on my boots. I squeezed and then stuffed myself back into my jeans as I watched dad shake his cock and then stick it into his jeans. We were both covered with sweat that glistened in the bright sunlight. I started to pull my t-shirt off. As I was lifting it up over my head, dad grabbed me by the waist and pulled me over tight up against his wet and dripping chest. Our nipples were hard and rubbing against one another. He flexed his pecs up and down and I met his movement with my own pec pumping. He pulled me closer. Our tits and nipples were pressing harder against each other. They danced amongst themselves in musky man-sweat. I could feel every rope of muscle in his pecs. I continued to flex up and down, making my nipples even harder. I felt his get rock hard as they pressed against my flesh. He lifted my arm straight up, leaned down and buried his nose deep in my armpit. He rubbed his nose hard into the wet hair. I could smell my own musky perspiration as he started to lick all the sweat from my underarm. I felt his wet hairy chest against my belly. I raised my arm higher and he dug his nose in deeper and pushed his tongue hard against me. His beard stubble was scraping against my skin and it burned. He pressed his mouth wide over my hairy pit and sniffed and licked. He continued to suck my pit of any perspiration. He lifted my other arm and did the same. I felt him reach down to his cock. It was hard again as he started to pump on it. I heard him let out a groan as he spilled more of his spunk. It shot against my crotch drenching my pubic hair. He pumped more out, slowed down and raised his head. We were eye-to-eye, sweat rolling off our foreheads.

“Open your mouth again,son.”

I opened wide and he spit a mouthful of Cope and Marlboro saliva into my throat. I swallowed with a loud gulp. He grabbed my waist again and pulled me back over tight against him. We both relaxed in each others arms, out of breath and panting as our chests continued to heave up and down. I could smell sweat, smoke, Cope and jizz all at the same time. Liting up another Marlboro, dad said,

“What’s my cum taste like, son.”

“It tastes like mine, dad.”

“Well it should. You got the same DNA. Same genes, same cum! Come here.”

Dad turned his perspiring face into mine. He rubbed his beard stubble against my face. I felt his lips move to mine as we each closed our eyes, opened wide and took each others tongues into our mouths. Our tongues darted back and forth in unison churning up dark tobacco juice in our spit. I pressed harder against his lips as we continued to lock tongues. The taste was of hard working cowboys; sweat, jizz and tobacco. He pulled off, stood back and spit a huge wad of Cope juice out.

“That was a fuckin’ workout. Son, you know how to treat a man. I think I’ll keep you around.

He shook a fresh Marlboro out of his pack and handed me one. He took another with his teeth and we both lit up. I felt the strong smoke hammer my lungs as I inhaled deeply. I looked over at him. He squinted as he pulled hard on the Red. The smoke rose up to his nose and eyes. Looking through the haze, he said,

“Let’s have that last beer. We might have to take another piss soon.”

                          Copyright 2009/Wayne Bracford














5 years ago

Thanks for the add.  Very hot sexy man!

5 years ago

Thanks a million for the add.

6 years ago

hot dude

6 years ago

hum ;) handsome and so hot.. love your pics 

7 years ago

http://www.xtube.com in touch. PARKER

7 years ago

SO SEXY!!!! Tongue outWink

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