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Hi. I"m a 23 year old guy. I have a variety of preferences and turn ons. I"m not looking for any hookups or anything. I"m just here to enjoy the pr0nz. This is easily the best amateur tube site out there. So much original content. Not really a fan of big production stuff. I should probably tell you about how I"m a bi today. As a kid, for some reason, I was always interested in other guys" dicks. I would always sneak a peak at the urinals. That is, until I ended up getting caught. Fast forward to puberty. That"s where the hormones to be attracted to girls kicked in. Even though I did develop the attraction to girls, the guys have always been at the back of my mind.

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Guys, Girls, Trannies, I should note I prefer chubby guys/girls, but it isn"t too important to me. Genitals are genitals. I kind of prefer cut cocks over uncut (I"m uncut myself, so cut appears more interesting to me), etc.

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SMOKING, Poop. Not too big on Tatoos or body piercing. I can"t think of anything else.

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4 years ago

Going from soft to hard.
4 years ago
My uncut going from semi to full erect.
4 years ago

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3 years ago

would love to see you cum

3 years ago

great looking cock. I like your balls

3 years ago

I like suck your sock!!

3 years ago

wow, I am amazed and turned on by that gorgeous horny looking cock of yours, I love it it. Please rate me and comment on my profile , my pics and videos x

3 years ago

thanks for your add guy!

3 years ago

hello, "captainvariety"
thanks for the friend request.
don't be a stranger ... comment my photos
& Rate Me ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ hope to hear from
you soon ... XoXo Kisses ... ♂♂ ❤ !!!

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