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Uni girl after a bit of help - please donate to my paypal account!!!

My name is Jes , I’m 19 , single and living out of home in Sydney Australia, and I need your help!

I currently go to university and I am in my second year of studying.

The reason I joined Xtube was because I am in desperate need of money. I am living on noodles and rice, and I am having a very difficult time paying my rent and school expenses.

If you could find it in your heart, to donate a few dollars to my paypal account, it would mean the world to me.

If you were amused ( or aroused lol) by my vids and profile, then please, just a few dollars is all im wishing for.

I know that most of you will not donate, and I understand, as this is a fee website I can not blame you. I do not believe it is right to charge people to view your video, like some people on here. which is why im begging for donations. I feel , unless I find another source of income I will be reduced to skipping meals , and may even have no place to live .If you donate I will send you my msn addy, and perhaps we can chat J

If you are from Sydney, perhaps we can meet up for lunch or something.

I know that good karma will come to those who help others. I will be FOREVER in your debt .

PLease donate over paypal , all you need is my email. You do not need to have a paypal account.

Unless i get some donations, it will be pointless of me to keep posting stuff on here, so im just gonna see how it goes okay! 


Jes xoxo.

Turn Ons

Slim guys or guys who look after them selves. Guys who would do anytihng to pleasure or make a girl happy. I love dancing, it makese me feel sexy, and i think the guys love it to :P! Im a fit person and i look aftermyself, i expect anyone who wants to turn me on to be the same :)

Turn Offs

really overweight people with no respect for their bodies.


I love Comedies.


I love dancing and being active. I love running and being fit and taking care of myself. I live near the beach, so i enjoy swimming and chillin out in the sun. If your an outdoorsy person send me an email and lets chat:)I like having a few drinks with friends, i dont smoke or do drugs. xo get in touch.I love sport! i play netball and soccer.


I like rock or punk. Massive fan of blink 182 and linkin park. but i do like everyday pop music and music i can shake my booty to!Smile 


noooo  i hate books ever since i started uni Cry

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19 yr old showin off her body
6 years ago

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5 years ago

Hi Jes... You are so sexy! I love you!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

5 years ago

hey gorgeous. im from sydney too. i hope we can chat some time?

5 years ago

great vid youre really hot

5 years ago

extremely sexy!  we LOVE your vid!!!  keep on posting!!!

5 years ago

hi id donate to u 15 bucks if u prove me that that is u on the pic. example u could send me a pic of u holdin a paper up with noone2010 on it and it needs to be handwritten hehe if possible u can post a video wid it and ill help u out.

5 years ago

thanks for the add

5 years ago

I live in the USA. We are having a Depression. Housing, banking, money, and everything else is about to go daown the gutter. Could you please send me some money



5 years ago

welcome to x-tube you look very nice....!!!

5 years ago" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" width="18" height="18" />

5 years ago

Hey, thanks for the add :)

5 years ago

Welcum 2 xTube!!! luv your smile Wink

5 years ago

Sup gurl damn u finz,

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