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Aug. 2015 - So, I have discovered I have a new fetish. Somnophilia. By definition, it is being aroused &/or having sex with someone who is unconscious. PLEASE NOTE that I am NOT (!!!) into date rape or slipping someone a rufie, or doing anything with anyone that is not mutually consensual.

My husband is a VERY hard and sound sleeper. I swear bombs could go off and he would not wake up! I've also noticed that when he sleeps, he frequently gets aroused and starts jacking off. He only does it for about a minute and, surprisingly, he has never shot his load. So one night while he was asleep and I was watching porn and stroking my cock, I engaged him by stroking his cock right after he had done it while he was asleep. I also spit on my finger and played with his hole. He became extremely aroused, whimpering and moaning softly, which then, of course, made me even more aroused. On one hand, I wanted to make him cum, but I decided not to. Instead, I stood over him and shot a huge load on him. Amazingly, he did not wake up. When he awoke in the morning, he wondered why his chest was all sticky. I did not confess, but rather, told him that he must have had a wet dream.

One night while vacationing in Berlin, we partied with some new friends there. We both had more than our fair share of fine German lagers, but he had considerably more than I. When we got back to our hotel room, we started making out while we were still fully dressed. I got up to take a piss and when I returned, he was passed out face-down on the bed. Seeing him lying there in his jeans and t-shirt was more than I could just look at. I reached underneath him, undid his zipper and pulled down his pants just below his butt cheeks. He did not stir at all. I started eating his ass. I can't begin to tell you how fucking horny I got!! I unzipped my pants, spit on his hole and on my hard bare cock and started fucking him. He would moan very softly, but still did not wake up. I pounded his ass, then ate it and pounded it some more for about 15 minutes. I finally shot a fucking HUGE LOAD deep inside of him. I was totally amazed that he did not wake up. I left him with his pants undone and my milky cum oozing out his pussy hole while I undressed and went to sleep.

When we woke the next morning, he looked a little puzzled as to why he was still basically of dressed, but with his pants down. I told him what I had done while he was passed out. He started getting hard again, as did I. He was enormously turned on by what I did!! I ended up fucking him again. I could still feel my cum that was already in him and it made for a good lube!

Now, I frequently jack him and shoot loads on him while he sleeps. When we awake in the morning, he realizes what happened while he was asleep, he gets really turned on and wants to get fucked. Of course, I oblige him. hehe. I have tried to fuck him while he sleeps, but it's only worked on 3 occasions, when he (we) have had too much to drink. Otherwise, he wakes up. Which still isn't bad, as we fuck anyway.

(A caveat to this is that we really do not drink that often at all, so it doesn't take much for us to get well-buzzed. I don't want anyone to think we're a couple of alcoholics. We're NOT!)


Jan. 2015 - First off, I've, uh....I mean, I've come to realize that our tastes change with time. I've really started to get a thing for young otters, as long as they're on the trim side. I used to think only "smoothies" were hot, especially when it came to the pubes and ass. Don't get me wrong - I still love the smoothies, for sure. But now, I also very much like a light to moderately hairy body and pubes/ass. (Still not really wild about bears, though. Sorry and no offense!) I love the male scent and hair really helps to accentuate the aroma.


Jan. 2015 - And again with the way our tastes change:
I consider myself totally 100% gay. I started out fucking a couple girls in high school, but it's been over 20 years since my cock and mouth have tasted female snatch. In my early 20's, I did a MFM, where my cock got its first taste of breeding an ass, both hers and his. HOWEVER, as of late, I am really beginning to like watching sweet, slender, little slutty Asian girls (of legal age, of course!! Duh!) taking hard bare cocks up their tasty tight pussies and anal openings. I especially get turned on by the labia which is turned more inward than outward. With or without pubes, it matters not.


I know none of you will read this entire list. Hell, if this were someone else"s profile, I probably would not read the whole thing either. haha. But that is all good. I am really just writing it for my own erotic, horny sake. If you happen to like it, very cool. If not, peace out.


Hi. My name is Jay and I'm a sex-/porn-aholic. (Group response, ala AA: "Hi, Jay.") No, seriously, I am. I rarely stop thinking about sex and porn. I could have sex with my bf and/ or watch porn and jack off all day long, if given the chance. (In fact, there have been countless number of times that I have!) And I am always checking out guys" crotches, imagining what they"re "packing" and what they can do with it. Large or small, I am fascinated by them all!


A little background: To date, I have been in a 5 year totally monogamous relationship. Hence, we bareback. I LOVE bareback! But I also appreciate those who use condoms. It is definitely the only right thing to do for casual sex!!


I enjoy chatting (Sorry, but NO cam!) on Yahoo Messenger. Hit me up for my screen name, but ONLY if you have pics &/or videos of YOU on here.

An important thing to know about me is that I like a LOT of different sex scenes and a lot of different body types. I used to think I had a certain type to whom I was attracted, but as I got older, I realized diversity is a great thing! Within reason (see my turn-offs list), it is all dependent upon what my sex partners enjoy doing.

I respectfully must say that if you want to friend me, you MUST have at least some pictures, specifically of yourself. (Some = more than 3!, and they do not have to be face shots.)

... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>...

--->I am a completely versatile (but usually a top/dom), masculine guy who LOVES having and watching sex. (Of course, HAVING sex is best!!! haha) I have a broad variety of sexual turn-ons.

I am totally fascinated looking at cocks, both soft and hard, cut or uncut. Also, asses on cute guys. Hairy or smooth. I cannot seem to get enough of them!

I now am in a totally monogamous, 5+year committed relationship with an absolutely WONDERFUL younger Chinese guy. It took me years to find my Mr. Right, but it was well worth the wait!!!

We both are HIV-negative and very much plan to stay that way by being monogamous. With that said, we only fuck bareback...and LOVE it!!

I am just here to view pics and videos and to make some online friends with whom I have mutual interests for sex chat.


Regarding bareback play, I was not always responsible. I have had a lot of unprotected sex in my time. Heaven only knows how many "bullets" I've dodged. But I am glad to say I am totally healthy, HIV-neg and STD/STI -free, as is my present partner/soon-to-be spouse. Perhaps it is because I usually top. Not sure why, but I'm glad for that.

My previous boyfriend, Nathan, was an Asian PNP sex pig. (Please note: I do not do, nor have not done, anything harder than pot!!!) Of course, he and I fucked bareback. We had an open relationship and were both free to play with others, separately or together. We also together did our fair share of group sex.

We loved hearing and telling each other about the sex we had with our separate hook-ups outside out home. Nathan would tell me in considerable detail about their meeting, - whether it was at the baths, in a bar, or online - how they worked up into having sex, the different positions he got fucked in (he was a total bottom.), and then how they climaxed. He would describe the guy's cock, how big/thick it was. He would tell me what the guy was into: if he liked a little bondage/dominance (Nathan and I could get into rough sex occasionally); how, or if, the guy liked his cocked sucked, or maybe his ass licked clean; if the guy liked sucking and rimming before he took my boy's pussy; if the guy liked ass-to-mouth (which Nathan really liked doing!!); if the guy liked to shoot on my boy's body or inside his pussy.

I should tell you that when it came to us playing at home, either together with someone else, or just 1-on-1 with someone else, while the other was out, we had a spy cam that recorded everything. (PLEASE NOTE: We NEVER posted, nor will ever post, any pictures or videos of us with other people out of respect for their privacy!)

Nathan was not very choosey about who he would have sex with. Skinny, fat, tall, short, any race, older, younger -- it made no difference to him. I, however, tend to be considerably pickier. Consequently, I was not always into sharing the sex with some of the guys Nathan would play with. In those cases, I would "hide out" downstairs and watch the goings-on on the spy cam monitor. Quite honestly, I really, really enjoyed that. I'd be down there, often stoned, and maybe having a cocktail, listening to and watching what was happening. And of course, I was furiously jacking my cock!! LOL! It was like watching a porn movie, except it was live and spontaneous and my boy was the star. Listening to their conversation, if there was some, was hot! You get to see a very interesting quality about your partner while he is being intimate with someone else. But mainly knowing these guys had no clue that they were being videoed was so very perversely pleasurable.

One thing about us was when either of us played separately with other guys, it was basically our foreplay to have a fuck session with each other when we were through with our hook-ups. I always loved when his hook-ups shot their loads in his pussy!! I cannot begin to tell you how fucking excited I got knowing there were one or more loads of some other guy's sticky, warm, cum lubing Nathan's whore hole. He was able to take dick with just spit or very little lube, so shoving my cock into his pussy and feeling the slipperiness of another guy's seed surrounding my head and shaft and seeping into my piss slit made me fucking hard as shit!!! And there were times when I almost came without touching my cock as I would give his fucked pussy a sweet licking and tongue-fucking, savoring the musky smell of another guy's man-scent and jizz. (I am really into man scent!)

Nathan loved smelling and sucking my cock, knowing that it had been breeding another guy's cunt. He couldn't wait to put his mouth around my hard dick and taste someone other guy's ass juices mixed with my spent cum.

Of course, I loved when we would play together with others. Watching Nathan take a pounding from some other guy's hard cock was absolutely mesmerizing. He would get on his knees and have the guy pound him from behind like the bitch he was. I loved to get underneath, watching floppy balls and a big dick slide in and out of his pussy. I'd lick the cock while it went in and out, as well as my boy's hole. I would frequently have the guy pull out so both Nathan and I could lick it clean. Often, I would be fucking Nathan while he and I were cleaning the other guy's cock. Of course, I would make my boy clean my cock while the other guy(s) would continue fucking him.

If, together, we had a bottom guy over, basically the reverse was true, being that Nathan would get up close under us to watch me breed our hook-up and constantly clean my dirty cock. I would go between fucking the hook-up and Nathan. It was something very subtle, but I could always tell by his body language how much Nathan loved watching me violate another guy's pussy, then having my cock shoved deep inside his (Nathan's) cunt.

My boy loved double penetration. He was amazingly tight, but he could take 2 large cocks as if they were pencils. Of course, he would have a tiny bit of difficulty getting the second cock inside of him, but once inside, he would writhe and moan - sometimes even scream out - while his boy cunt was being forced wide open. The feeling of another guy's cock rubbing against mine inside that tight shit hole was incredible, as those of you who have experienced it well know.

Nathan and I would always let each other know when we were playing with somebody else. We had one particular black guy, Tremel, that frequently joined the 2 of us at our home. Since he was a total top, he and Nathan also frequently played together 1-on-1. Tremel's cock was just shy of 9 inches, very thick and beautifully uncut, nice bush and a deliciously furry ass hole. Even though he was a total top, he liked having his hole eaten.

So if Tremel was coming over, there were times I wanted to participate and other times I just wanted to "secretly" watch. If it was just Nathan and Tremel, 1-on-1, Nathan would tell Tremel I was at work or something, while I was actually downstairs watching the monitor and jacking off. As I said earlier, it is very interesting listening to the "secret" conversations of your partner and the person he is being intimate with. And especially Tremel, since I knew him because he was one of our regulars and he was becoming a bit more familiar with us. And over time, it was interesting to see how he and Nathan became more sexually familiar with each other.

I liked listening to them while they were getting ready to get it on. I liked when Nathan would open Tremel's pants, revealing his beautiful, hardening black cock. (Nathan and I knew where the cameras were, so we would always try getting in a position to play to the camera.) Watching them deep kiss. Watching their naked bodies with their hard cocks become one with each other. Watching Nathan suck and lick Tremel's hairy black balls, working his mouth up to taking Tremel's large cock in one gulp. Watching them in a 69, with Nathan sucking Tremel's cock and Tremel eating out Nathan's soon-to-be-fucked hole. Watching Nathan sit on Tremel's hard, bare cock while facing the camera -- seeing Nathan lean back and having that black cock penetrate his puckered hole. Seeing Nathan's hard cock twitching as Tremel's dick passes his prostate. Watching Nathan ride that cock for awhile, then get up and give that hard, black rod that is dripping with ass juices and precum a good mouth cleaning before getting into another position. Tremel liked to fuck hard, fast and for a long time. He had great control! Watching them go at it good, hard and long until Tremel would shout out that he was cumming. Watching their bodies twitch and shake as Tremel emptied his load deep inside Nathan's faggot cunt. Watching while knowing that Nathan had great control over his sphincter muscle and could very firmly grasp onto a cock buried in his hole. Each time he would flex his muscle around Tremel's cock, Tremel's body would jerk as if he'd been shoved hard by a linebacker. Sometimes he would have to ask Nathan to release the hold on his cock. LOL! Watching Tremel pull out his dripping cock and Nathan dutifully cleaning it. Listening to their post-sex chit-chat while Tremel got dressed. (Nathan would usually stay naked since I was next up. haha) Then kiss goodbye.

I would go back up and almost always savor Nathan's asshole first, lapping up Tremel's cum that was oozing out of Nathan's cunt and basking in Tremel's musky black man scent. Nathan and I were getting into tantric sex, so sometimes we would lie down on our sides, spooning, with me behind him. My hard cock would slide into his messy hole. I'd grab his body and push my hard dick in as far as it could go. Then Nathan would begin to repeatedly flex and release his sphincter muscle, grabbing on and then letting go. Our bodies did not move at all. I didn't pump him. I just let his ass muscles do all the work. For me, it was like being jacked, only much more intense. The harder his cunt grabbed my cock, the more I felt my cum build up. There was a LOT of edging. For one who hasn't tried it, you wouldn't believe just how far you can go to the edge,and lean over!!, without falling off! The idea of tantric sex is to prolong the arousal as long as possible before an orgasm, with minimal-to-no body motion. When you finally do shoot your load, it's a uniquely intense experience like nothing else is. Sometimes you can actually experience an orgasm - or multiple orgasms - without actually cumming. Pretty remarkable!!

Sometimes, I would surprise Tremel by coming in on them unannounced. (A few times, it was after I had been out fucking some other boy cunt.) It was amusing because he always seemed to look a bit guilty, as if he weren't supposed to be there. Obviously, of course, I was more than cool with it!

I would grab Tremel's cock and pull back his generous foreskin and start slurping up those precious ass and precum juices. Then Nathan would unzip my pants, pull out my hard rod and suck it, getting it nice and sloppy wet. Then I'd make him get on his knees like a fucking bitch dog and and have him suck Tremel's cock while I entered his messy, fucked pussy. Tremel and I would take turns breeding Nathan's faggot shit hole. Between each turn, the bitch was made to clean our cocks. Then either Tremel or I would lie down and have Nathan sit on our cock while the other one got behind and shoved his dick in also, double-penning him. Quite a few times, Tremel and I were able to time our orgasms so as to cum together. Two simultaneous huge fucking loads shot deep inside our used faggot's vagina!!!

In one session that lasted almost all night, Tremel shot 4 loads and I shot 3 loads inside of Nathan. When Tremel eventually left, I would give Nathan a piss-douche, filling his faggot breeding canal with as much piss as I could humanly pass. Then we'd go into the bathroom and I'd lay down in the tub with Nathan squatting over me, facing my feet, while he floods my face and chest with a seemingly unending stream of hot piss mixed with sticky white sperm. When he was emptied, I make him lick it off of me.

As Nathan began to do more meth and more frequently, his sexual appetite became almost totally insatiable. He could not get enough cock in his cunt. Since he was able to stay up for almost 40 hours without sleep, he would spend literally entire weekends cruising web sites for tops to play with. I was totally fine with it. (Even though I wasn't under the influence of drugs, my cock head was the ruler over the head on my shoulders. It's something I regret now and will have to live with.) As I said earlier, regardless of who either Nathan or I had sex with, it was almost always foreplay for the 2 of us to have sex 1-on-1 with each other. The more I had anonymous sex with others, it just made my cock all that much harder when I would fuck Nathan. Sometimes we'd get someone - or a couple of people - to play with us together. Sometimes, he would get 1 or more at a time just to play with him. (Since he was a younger Asian boy, a lot of guys are only into Asians and not others of their own race or age.) Sometimes, I would get someone who just wanted to play 1-on-1. Of course, whoever was getting lucky, we always tried to get guys to come to our place so we could get it on video.

Now comes the sad part of the story which, I suggest you skip if you don't want to know the eventual outcome of this relationship:

Nathan eventually contracted HIV and became psychotically paranoid and had a psychotic breakdown because of his use of meth (ice). He left the US to go back to his home in the Philippines. (He was actually Chinese, tho.) We'd been together 9 years. He left in 2007 and I have not heard from him since then.

So, I am not getting preachy here. I'm just stating the obvious. I guess my moral to this story is this:

I was EXTREMELY lucky not to have been infected with HIV. Amazingly so!!! I did, however, get gonorrhea and syphilis.

While I love the way meth/ice increases and intensifies one's sex drive, crystal meth is NOT your friend!!! Without a doubt, it is highly addictive and with frequent use, it WILL fuck you up eventually.

And finally, I hate using condoms and I won't even watch videos of "covered" sex. But if you are very sexually active with multiple partners and have sex without a condom - especially if you are a bottom - in all likelihood, you will be infected with HIV. At the very least, a case of gonorrhea or syphilis. While those are curable, it's embarrassing as hell to go to the doctor or clinic and get treated. Trust me on that one!!

I am not making any judgements whatsoever. I admit to being hypocritical, as I am a proponent of condoms and hard-drug-abstinence. (Pot is definitely cool!!) Yet I loved when my ex would do meth and I love watching guys who fuck around while "iced". It really ramps up the sex drive. I might have gotten into ice, too, except that I could not get hard at all the couple of times I tried it.

Ultimately, everyone does what they want. And even if we try our hardest to be responsible, we can still be swept up in the moment and make some bad decisions. As I have told you, I have been there.

I still enjoy watching bareback videos and having bareback sex. Only now, my sexual encounters are with just one person exclusively, whom I literally trust with my life and who trusts me equally as much with his - a responsibility I greatly honor and respect.


Turn Ons

--->Please note that I enjoy a LOT of things and it doesn't necessarily mean I would have to do everything with everyone. My biggest turn-on is what my sex partner likes to do (based on this list). As you can tell by this list, there are quite a few opposites. (Smooth OR hairy, rough OR gentle, etc.)

This is the main list, but there is more:

---> Guys under 35.
--->Verbal and nasty talk.
--->Aggressive bottoms and tops.
--->Guys between 18 and 35 y/o, in general.
--->All ethnicities/races.
--->Smooth guys.
--->Moderately hairy guys.
--->Guys with smooth torso and hairy asses and legs are a HUGE turn on!!
---> Musky crotch, ass and pit smells. LOVE ripe pits, pubes and pussy (man pussy, that is!)
--->Nice, slender, well-manicured fingers.
--->Cocks, cut or uncut, small to XXL.
--->Sweet, tight fuckholes, smooth or hairy.
--->Arm pits, preferably hairy, but shaved is good, too.
--->Verbal/dirty talk. (Yeah, I said that already. LOL)
--->Rape role play. (NO severe PAIN!!!)
--->Tearing/ripping off clothes.
--->Bondage/submission/dominance. (nothing too extreme, though.)
--->Sex toys.
--->Speedos. Sports gear. Jocks.
--->Zentai, lycra, spandex.
--->Crossdressers that could pass for female.
--->Hairy, thin crossdressers.
--->Athletic/jock guys that like to crossdress, or at least wear panties.
--->Piss play. Piss douche.
--->Outdoor sex
--->Hidden camera.
--->Double penetration.
--->...and a LOT more...

I am completely versatile, but I am most often the top/dominant one in our relationship. Everything I like doing as a top, I also like having it done to me when I bottom.

---> I REPEAT: My biggest turn on is what my partner likes to do!!!

Communication in sex is very important. If both people are not having a good time pleasing each other, what is the point!?!

---> I love boy/man scent. Armpits, yes...especially really hairy ones!!! I once had a friend who I could make cum without touching himself just by worshiping his hairy pits. You should have heard him scream when I would cum in his pits, then lick them clean. (God knows the neighbors heard him! LOL)

---> I love the smell of the cock/ass/pubic area after having sex. I hold off taking a shower for as long as I can after sex. For instance: Let's say my partner and I have sex sometime early on a Saturday morning. I may hold off taking a shower until Sunday night. That aging, ripening smell of both our cum and my boy's pussy juices all over my cock and pubic area, or wherever else, drives me insane. From the moment I wake up on Sunday, I am constantly rubbing my hand around my cock and ass hole and savoring that sweet scent on my fingers.
After having fucked my partner the night before, leaving my jizz inside and all around his cunt, there's nothing like waking up to inhale that ripening smell all over his ass. To me, it is absolute drug-like intoxication!

---> I like skinny/slender/athletic guys. Smooth upper body and hairy lower body is very cool!!! I am definitely NOT a sexual racist, as I have been with just about every ethnicity. But I do have a special fondness for Asians, Latinos and your twinks!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know..."twink" is not a race. LOL!!

---> My bf occasionally likes to crossdress. Thus, I have developed a fetish for slim/athletic/twinky/Emo guys that are into crossdressing/TV/TG...especially guys that can actually pass for a girl. If you have had breast enhancements, all that much better!!! Love them in pantyhose, nylons, garters, tight teddies...all of that.

---> LOTS of foreplay: kissing, making out, cuddling and fondling

.---> I LOVE rimming a sweet, sweaty ass and sucking cock for hours!!!

---> I love having my cock sucked and my hole played with.

---> I love dicks of all sizes and shapes, especially, but not exclusively, uncut cocks. Of course, it is what you do with it that counts. With that said, there is something very hot about a younger, skinny guy who is more say, under 5ft5in...who pulls out an 8+" cock.

---> I LOVE when a guy moans and screams loudly and sex-talks!!!

---> I love bareback ass to mouth. So hot seeing my boy suck and clean my cock after it has been pumping his fuck hole! I also love sucking and cleaning the cock of another guy that has been fucking my boy. The best is when I lick the hard shaft of a guy while he is fucking my boy. Also, sucking my boy"s cock until he cums while he"s being fucked by another guy. And sucking my, or another guy"s, cum out of my boy"s dripping pussy.
(Caveat: As I said, my current bf of 5 years and I are totally monogamous. However, I did used to do this with a previous bf and with other sex partners. I admit that I miss doing it. But I do not miss the trip to the clinic for shots and medications for those scampy little STDs!)

---> I can get into light bondage... hand/leg cuffs, blindfolds, collar/leash, etc., but nothing too kinky and definitely not into any real pain. (Some very firm ass slaps, either by hand or with a crop, and nipple play here and there can be a good thing! haha)

---> I like dildos and vibrators. I like when my bf shoves a vibrating dildo inside of me and then has me fuck him.

---> I like "rape" role play. I love being the dominant one, literally ripping the clothes off my partner, making him my "bitch", while I am still clothed. I also love being the submissive one and having all that done to me.

---> I love watching my bf tease me by playing with his cock and rubbing and fingering his hole and/or working a big dildo in it.

---> I love rubbing my partner"s crotch through his jeans/pants and feeling it get hard. I also love making him (or having him make me) cum in our jeans, then do whatever....go to the store or movie, etc. It is also hot shooting a load inside my partners pants/underwear (or him shooting inside mine) and then going out and doing something...feeling his moist load of cum trapped inside my pants. I have my partner cum in my underwear in the morning and then I wear them all day and to work. It makes me feel like he is with me all the time! Mmmmm.

--->I love to fuck my partner and fill his ass full of my hot cum (or he fucks me and fills me up)...then we go out and about, shopping, or whatever.

---> I am not really an exhibitionist per se, but I love sex outdoors. There is something very freeing about feeling a nice breeze blow around your cock and ass. Then again, I have been known to do a few blow jobs and fucks in mall parking lots and store dressing rooms. hehe

---> I love edging and taking time for sex. My partner and I almost ALWAYS spend at least 60 minutes (!!!) for sex, edging so close to climax, but holding back, so that our inevitable release of loads is sooo powerful!!! We love different positions and locations, both inside and outside the house.

---> Spontaneous quickies can be awesome, too!!

---> I love when my partner and I go out and he outwardly dresses in a masculine way, but underneath he is wearing women's panties (crotchless!!! hehe), garters/stockings and a bra.

---> I love crotch and ass hugging underwear... spandex/lycra, gear, jocks, speedos, singlets, thongs, lacy womens panties and unusual designs that accentuate the crotch. I am most definitely a crotch-watcher and crotch-lover!

---> Love to wake up in the middle of the night and jack, suck and finger my bf while he is sound asleep. (He is a VERY heavy sleeper!!) Of course, he eventually wakes up and we have a short session, falling back to sleep covered in cum. He does the same thing to me, too.

---> I would love to try fur suit sex. It fascinates me. Although I am not sure what animal I would be. hehe Probably a dog, so I could have that tail dildo in my chute.

---> There is more, but I seriously doubt anyone has made it this far down the list. LOL!!! Feel free to ask me if you are curious.

Turn Offs

---> I REALLY HATE young guys that make nasty comments about how they hate older guys!!! Someday, if you snotty little douchebag fuckers are lucky, you may be older, too. Remember...karma is a bitch! I can understand if you are not attracted to someone older. Just say something as simple as that. No need to be psycho nasty about it, you shit heads!! (Obviously, this REALLY pisses me off!!)

As you can see from my turn on list, there is not much that I don't like sexually. These are my biggest no-no's:

---> NO scat!!

---> NO dirty holes.

Sorry to be so very blunt and gross, but even if you are NOT a bottom, after you take a shit, get your sorry ass in the shower and wash your hole. It takes all of maybe 4 minutes to wash and dry. I got fucked once by this guy who, after he left, I realized he had spread shit from his dirty ass all over my sheets. EEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!! And I am not into smelling shit while I'm sucking cock. MAN scent is one thing. SHIT scent is something else. Maybe it's more of an American thing as unfortunately, Americans generally don't have bidets. Whatever. Whoever. WASH YOUR SHITTY HOLE!!

---> NO blood!

---> NO real hardcore pain!!!

---> NO fisting, hole stretching or ugly, red, gaping extended ass holes. If it turns you on, that's cool. But I guess I just don't understand the concept. I specifically wonder how much damage that does to your sphincter over time.

---> NO mutilation, pumping or body clamping. (Tit clamps are cool, though.)

---> No offense intended to anyone, but I am not into guys much older than 35.

---> Not into husky/heavy-set/overweight/fat/obese, overly hairy, bearish types.

--->Guys that are too quiet during sex.

--->Guys who have multiple picture albums, but only put one pic in each album!!! Come on. It's not difficult to add pictures to the same album.

---> I HATE videos with loud, stupid-ass soundtracks that cover up the sounds of sex!!! I want to hear you moaning, screaming and any intimate conversation you may be having.

---> I hate when guys hurry to get up and wash off right after having sex. Take time and savor those sweet juices all over your bodies!!! For god sake, just leave it on!! It ain't gonna kill you!

---> Not much into guys with overly muscular builds. (Tho it depends on the person's face.)

---> ABSOLUTELY NO hard drugs. Tweakers/meth heads be damned!!! Pot (420) is cool, though, and I am all for the legalization of it!


PORN!!!!!!!! DUH!! LOL.
OH, and my new favorite is "Don Jon", with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I swear, other than the fact that he is straight in the movie, it is definitely ME!!!


Having sex, watching porn, taking XXX-rated pix, watching porn, having sex, fucking, rimming, sucking, watching porn, having sex, making XXX-rated videos, and watching our own home-made porn. haha.Oh...did I mention I LOVE having sex and watching porn??!!! LOL


I am a musician by profession, so I like many kinds of music, EXCEPT rap, heavy metal, hardcore country and any folk music from any country.

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4 days ago

Thanks dude, for your comment on "Do you want to get pregnant?"

1 month ago

Thanks buddy!

2 months ago

I love you daddy !!! Come back quick :p

3 months ago


3 months ago

Thanks again my friend for your recent comment

4 months ago

Thanks for your comments on my vids man

5 months ago

hi, thanks for the add!

8 months ago

thanks for that HOT comment daddy, i'd love you to fill me ;)

8 months ago

I adore furries as well, thanks for the request baby adore your pics

11 months ago

great profile man

thanks for the add request

1 year ago

Thanks for the friend request!      :)

1 year ago


1 year ago

Thanks, I would love to ride that cock of yours, it looks so suckable :)

1 year ago

Hi. Thanks for comment. I'm glad you liked my videos and Photos.

1 year ago

Hi... thanks :)

1 year ago

thanks 4 your comments.
That cock seems delicious ;)

1 year ago

fucking hot

1 year ago

Thanks for friend request

1 year ago

thanks for the add!

1 year ago

thanks for the comment bro. glad you like my vid

1 year ago

thanks for the invite :)

1 year ago

This ass is for you to give everyday loads daddy

2 years ago

thanks for the friend request :P

2 years ago

Hey sexy! Thanks for the invite. ;)

2 years ago

thnx for the friend req dude 

2 years ago

Thanks man :)

2 years ago

thanks for adding me

2 years ago

heeyyy thanx 4 sending me a friend request.. hope to upload more videos soon!! ;)

2 years ago

thansk for tha add and tha fave ;3

2 years ago

very hot - love your pics and vids!!

2 years ago

Heey thanks for the add! :D

2 years ago

tnx for the add

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