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Gay, Urban Explorer with a Passion for LIFE

Former college educated (Wabash College) and world travelled US Coast Guardsman (2006-2011) here.

I have always been fascinated with the world. Some of my favorite gifts as a child were maps and globes. As an adult, I have been fortunate to travel overseas to many countries including:

The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden (Stockholm Airport layover), Germany, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Austria (just on the train), Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador (re-fueling the ship), Guatemala, Mexico & Canada.

I've have spent months at a time at sea and I have sailed half way around the world from the Greek Island of Crete, through the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean and the Panama Canal and all the way up the western coasts of Central and North America to Seattle, Washington.

I'm always looking to explore more of the United States, but I have experienced some great American cities, such as:

San Francisco, CA; New Orleans, LA; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Providence, RI; Indianapolis, IN; Honolulu, HI; Los Angeles, CA; Detroit, MI; Portland, OR & Cleveland, Ohio.

I love men and enjoy hooking up with masculine, blue collar guys. I have had sexual experiences all over the world and I currently have a curtain gloryhole in my apartment and have had 35 guys come over and blow their loads down my throat! It's slways a great time. Maybe one day I'll start recording them to show those hot asses thrusting away!

In the words of America's great gay poet (& fellow lover of rough trade) Walt Whitman:

"I will plant companionship thick as trees along all the rivers of America,
and along the shores of the great lakes,
and all over the prairies;

I will make inseparable cities,
with their arms about each other's necks;

-Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"

Turn Ons

I'm attracted to blue collar men, tattooed rough trade, str8 married guys, country boys, rednecks, white thugs, street hustlers, male strippers, jocks, skater punks, twinks and uniformed men (sailors & marines). I hunger for meaty, musky ASSES, big dicks and musky armpits, balls, crotches.

I love public sex and cruise regularly in my city's parks (Sweeney Park, Franke Park & the St. Mary's Rivergreenway/Old Wells Street Bridge). I have also had hot sex in the great public parks of San Francisco, CA (Buena Vista Park & Golden Gate Park); Oakland, CA (Lakeside Park); Berkeley, CA (Berkeley Aquatic Park); San Diego, CA (Balboa Park); Seattle, WA (Volunteer Park) & Honolulu, HI (Kapiolani Park). But it all began with my first outdoor blowjob in Springwood Lake Park in Richmond, Indiana in 2003. That guy gave GREAT FUCKING HEAD!!!! A true master.

I'm addicted to GLORYHOLES! I first experienced them at the dirty, trucker adult bookstores in Northwest Indiana (Romantix & Trucker's World in Gary, IN). I enjoy quality amateur porn, including the GREAT guys making HOT gloryhole videos and posting them here on Xtube (THANK YOU!!!!). Many of these videos are listed on my favorites.

I enjoy giving and getting great head. I'm ready to fuck a hot ass if it feels right. Love rimming a hot BUTT and having a guy sit on my face while he sucks or jerks me off! I enjoy jerking off in my car and in the rest room at the office & picking up guys on the street for blowjobs, handjobs and rim jobs.

***The warm weather is finally here and the rough trade boys are coming out of their homes and onto the streets! Hot, shirtless guys with tattoos, sagging pants and gym shorts are roaming the city. I just want to pull down those pants and shorts and bury my face in their musky asses! ***

Turn Offs

People who think they are better than everyone else. Guys who are too afraid to go after what they want. Life is short - you better enjoy it while you have it!


Dramas, Horror, Science Fiction, and of course - Good quality amateur PORN!!!!

Two movies I've recently seen:

"Stranger by the Lake" - French, gay, EROTIC, thriller with HOT sex scenes and a great story.

"300: Rise of an Empire" - I saw this last night and loved it! I thought it was much better and hotter than "300". The bearded Athenian general is a STUD and the visuals and naval battles were amazing to watch!


Arts, travel, food, books, the outdoors, watching and attending sporting events (nothing better than eyeing HOT jocks in action!)

LOVE gay strip clubs!!!! Here are some of my favorites in the US:

The Corner Pocket (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Club Gold Coast (Detroit, Michigan)

Nob Hill Adult Theatre (San Francisco, California)

Boxers N' Briefs (Centreville, Illinois - across the Mississippi from St. Louis, Missouri)

Lucky Horseshoe Lounge (Chicago, Illinois)

The Unicorn Club (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Unfortunately closed in 2013. We've got to support these places if they are to stay open!!!!!)


Pop, R&B, Classical & some Rap. Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Michael Jackson, Enigma & too many more to name.


"One Arm and Other Short Stories" & "Hard Candy" by Tennessee Williams
"Secret Historian" by Justin Spring
"War Against the Animals" "The Coming Storm" & "Sea of Tranquillity" by Paul Russell
"While England Sleeps" "The Page Turner" & "Arkansas" by David Leavitt
"The Swimming Pool Library" & "The Folding Star" by Alan Hollinghurst
"At Swim, Two Boys" by Jamie O'Neill
"Let the Dead Bury Their Dead" by Randall Kenan
"Everything I Have is Blue" by Wendell Ricketts
"Briefly Told Lives" by C. Bard Cole
"The Carnivorous Lamb" by Agustin Gomez-Arcos
"The Bitterweed Path" by Thomas Hal Phillips
"Clearcut" by Nina Shengold"
"Back Roads" by Tawni O'Dell
"American Salvage" by Bonnie Jo Campbell
"The Innocent" by Robert Taylor
"Giovanni's Room" by James Baldwin
"Queer" by William S. Burroughs
"Close Range" by Annie Proulx

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Top Comment #1 by: Lance12
1 month ago

I identified with everything you wrote about seeing the world and the love of hot male stud sex. Really interesting and well crafted thoughts. You come across and a hot guy with a relentless quest of hot male sex. Me, too.

Top Comment #2 by: Gloryhole4blackdick
2 months ago

Thanks for the friend request.  Would LOVE to suck u if you ever get to NC


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1 month ago

I identified with everything you wrote about seeing the world and the love of hot male stud sex. Really interesting and well crafted thoughts. You come across and a hot guy with a relentless quest of hot male sex. Me, too.

2 months ago

Thanks for the friend request.  Would LOVE to suck u if you ever get to NC

4 months ago

thanx for the adding

4 months ago

Hey guy thx for the comment.  He is an awesome top and fucks me damn good for sure.  Keep watching I lov the comments,,,,,,Tj  

4 months ago

I love your profile and interests...
I would love if you start posting videos of your gloryhole fun -- sounds really hot !!

4 months ago

Great profile, all around my man!

4 months ago

Awesome cock guy and hot profile.  Thx for the ad and for making one of my videos a favorite.  Keep watching I lov comments....Tj

5 months ago

Thanks dude, nice cock!

6 months ago

Thank you for accepting my friend request

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