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Am in a relationship but get off on horny vids - who doesn't? lived a mad life in London, now in the countryside and still am havin it large *in a rural sense* Hehe. Happy to chat bout almost anything. not just sex that's only a part of life :-)

Turn Ons

Tattoos, leather, s&m, bondage, rubber, piss, fisting dum dee dum.... - right down to vanilla and all in between, hairy, toned to chubby, eyes, smiles, primal urges and letting go, piercings, asses - yes o yes. Cock size is not so important - tho I like 'em of course. I get really impressed with guys who can shoot loads and loads.  

Turn Offs

superskinny, very young, shaved - unless tatted or a pig, bigots, happy to chat w/ fems n tv's but not a turn on. Self opionated ppl to the point of nausea. Chicken - I fkkn hate chicken - and tarragon.......dum dee dum.


the usual - Star Wars 1st Trilogy, LOTR, Apocolypse Now, Hairspray, Brazil *Love Gilliam*, 2001, ET, Room @ the Top, Full Monty....dum dee dum


Music, Photography, Art, Quality cooking, Partying, my garden (lots of wildlife), Aves - birds, lotsa stuff  


Was a music buyer for Virgin Retail...Easier to say what I don't like - Trad Jazz melding into freeform, early classical - baroque blaaaah! Love House, rap, Emo, Indie, Pop, rock, currently well into Dead mou5e - he writes such good tunes. just ask - I truly am into music so much - any new bands let me know. :-)


Re-reading 'The House on the Borderland' by William Hope Hodgson - freaky stuff. Still haven't finished Rupert Everett's bio - it's so much like my life in parts. lol. best book ever? - i know Iknow (groan) LOTR - i1st read it in the early '70s I can even write in dwarfish. haha.

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Raw and Rough
2 years ago
I Cum on My Face
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cum for you
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metal ball
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Top Comment #1 by: meatmutt
2 years ago even use it as a negative and fill in the outer parts.


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1 year ago

Big Man Hug. xxx RR

1 year ago

Dunno y u not pic of me... - it's freely available.

1 year ago

Gradually chillin - , bin bloody hard - - - How r U?

1 year ago

Soz for not getting back to U for soooo long - Coff coff - Life has not been remotely good m8 - Lost m younger sis n dad last yr - n 4 ppl in village this yr.

2 years ago even use it as a negative and fill in the outer parts.

2 years ago nice! would certainly love to do more stuff on video but guess i'm not in right part of country to get that going! best wishes fella!!

4 years ago

merci pour le compliment

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