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I am a young, bi-curious male from the north west of england who is interested in bondage. I am after the thrill of not being able to escape and the feeling of giving up control to the dom. I am new to the scene although been interested in it for many years. Untill now, I have been practicing self bondage. All pictures and videos you see on this profile are of this nature. This is only because I've yet to find a dom to give up control!

I have been acquiring a small gear set consisting of a leather straight jacket, a neoprene sleep sack, hoods (neoprene and leather), gags, cuffs, etc. I have many fantasies however the most prominent are prisoner/mental patient as these predominately feature the gear I am interested in most. I am fairly open minded and willing to try most things.

I would like to meet like minded people to chat to, transfer ideas and who knows what can lead from that! I am not truely interested in sex, im after the thrills of bondage mainly... anything else is extra!

Turn Ons

Bondage; straight jackets, sleep sacks, cuffs, chastity, hoods/masks, mummifiction, forced milking (milking machines,vibrators etc).

Basically anything used to tie me down and tease!

Im sure ill find more things as i experiment!

Turn Offs

I dislike feet for some abnormal reason, maybe cause they are generally unclean! I am not into bodily fluids/blood or anything of that nature.


Reading books, watching movies/tv, cycling and general exercise (to keep fit), browsing the internet, playing games, socialising with friends.


Rock, heavy rock, metal.


Both nonfiction and fiction books. Thrillers, sci-fi etc

Anything written by Richard Dawkins (i.e. The God Delusion, Selfish Gene etc), Dan Brown.

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2 years ago

ile in your part of england. i  love tying guys up..and have a great imagination

2 years ago


2 years ago

Cum to my page B0i, there is something for you to see... If you like, i'll tell you how to make your own... i'm sure multiple connections will suit you just fine, and you don't need to tie any knots.. opp.. a hint... lol
Nice profile, you have my 5stars and i'd love to see more when i keep checking your subscription..  You are very sexy and don't forget that as you get bumped around looking for your Master...  He's waiting for you!!!

3 years ago

Thanks for adding me. Great you like some of my videos;)

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