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Hi guys! I"m a constantly horny dude living near Erie, PA, that loves to masturbate as much as possible. I like to use vibrating massagers on my cock (usually my hitachi magic wand, but I have lots of others) or fucking my fleshlights (with the fleshlight on-a-mission... I like to call it my fuck pillow!) and otherwise am nailing my hottie bf of 16+ years.

One of my favorite places online is, where I"ve made alot of friends and am always looking for another good way to bust a load!

The newest vibrating toy I've found that I really enjoy is PULSE. It is totally hands free and uses medical science as a core technology that is integrated into this toy to get you totally hard even in the unlikely event I would not be in the mood and then bring you to a mind blowing climax! Pulse can be found here:
The designers of Pulse can be found here:

One of the latest and greatest ways to vibrate the fuck outta my cock can be found right here: made my toes curl and my load go airborne :)

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My boyfriend of 16+ years who is now my legal husband (!!!), and online friends that like to get off the way I do. If we get to talking, maybe we will each learn something new, or at the very least have fun. I love to watch guys jack off... if you want to trade videos, I"m usually up for that! Beyond the obvious... ("cause it doesn"t always have to be about sex) kind, sincere, honest, caring people... like the few good friends we have, who can you tell you anything and you can tell anything and who you"d do anything for and vice versa.

Turn Offs

sincere insincerity


other than gay porn (lol)... science fiction, comedy (as long as it"s not STUPID), some action


I do a lot of reading and writing (and jerkin off A LOT when my bf and I are on opposite schedules... still as much as I did when I was 18...LOL)


I like classical and some popular (and odd combination) and other musical forms. If there"s something you think I"ve GOT to hear, let me know :)


If we"re talking about reading for entertainment, I"d say mostly science fiction.

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PULSE demo video 2
2 years ago
PULSE Demo Video
2 years ago
Mickey batin with vibrating wand
3 years ago
Edging with my Hitachi Magic Wand  16-00
3 years ago
Mickey gettin off with the ultimate personal massager!
3 years ago
relaxin' & 'batin' with my hitachi
3 years ago
busting a load with the hitachi magic wand (quick clip)
3 years ago
hitachi magic wand upgrade 17-01A
3 years ago

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1 month ago

awesome vids man! Yummy cock :)

1 year ago

hey thanks for adding me! :)

1 year ago

hot videos...

1 year ago

Damn I love your vids!!! So glad I found them! Love watching guys with vibes!!

3 years ago

thanks for the add.. vibrating cum, thats what i do with speakers!

4 years ago

thanks for adding me to ur friends. I really enjoy to show OFF

hope u check my 10 inches and enjoy my MONSTERCOCK VIDS

please add a comment

2 free videos for you: ?v=s4tyv-C247- ?v=jN7q1-G639-

8 years ago

I've never heard of using Xantham Gum. It sounds interesting. As far as the clear fleshlights go to the links pasted. One is for a clear fleshlight specifically and the other is the manufacturer of the original, but they don't as far as I know have a clear model.,0,0,0,0&gclid=CJDC8pbBrooCFSAnSgodADibrA 

8 years ago

I think all the lubes are too thin. Try regular Vasaline Intensive Care lotion. (not actual vaseline)

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