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Jus trying this out 2 see how it is.2 THe DUDES THAT KEEP HITTIN MY INBOX CHILL WITH ALL DAT NOISE< DATS NOT MY THING AND I LOVE WOMEN N PUSSY WAYYY 2 MUCH. So LADIES!!! in MARYLAND GET AT ME. I reside in Bmore city with a THICK DICK, LOng hair, slim frame and GOOD STROKE!!!

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i like my women jus as nasty and freaky as me! i love long hair but short hair works 2. i like em all shapes and sizes...skinny, thick, tall, petite (dont discriminate!!! lol)prefer a nice lil pyt so i can toss em around tho. i love gettin head n givin head jus as much so its a must 4 a female to keep things str8 down there!!!

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chicks with no head game, talk waaaay to much, boring in the sack (because i dont mind doin the work but i like a woman 2 get aggressive in take over from time to time

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Vise-Grip Pussy
3 years ago
Riding me reverse
1 year ago
ride my cock
2 years ago
Me and My Slut
3 years ago
Getting Fucked
5 years ago

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