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I"m simply a complex man.

How do you make me happy?

Lay naked on your back and smile. Extend your arms to me and spread your legs wide. Embrace me and don"t let go. Dig one set of fingernails into my back and the other into my butt-cheek. Force me deeper inside you. Get on your hands and knees. Suck what you want. Turn around and let me ride you for hours. Feel my teeth on your skin. Kiss me a lot, dammit, lick my face. Tongue me like you lost a diamond down my throat! Yell, moan and scream happily. Hear me laugh and join in. Cum as many times as you can because if you leave it up to me, we won"t be vertical for the rest of the day and night. Take a hot shower with me. Rinse off the soap bubbles. Repeat the entire process as many times as we can stand. Go home and let me miss you until the next time.

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