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This place is CRAZY, yo!

This site amazes me! I"m pretty fearless, but the guys here put me to shame. But at the end of the day, there"s something to be said for folks who own their sexual selves. Have fun, but be careful. You have more meaning than you realize...

...and why won"t this site let me add apostrophes?

Turn Ons

Watching natural people enjoying sex. Ripped bodies are nice, too... but they really have to bring the sexy to turn me on. LOVE watching guys go down on girls. I"m not bi or anything like that (or at least I don"t think so, and really, I would know by now. Wouldn"t I?). I prefer "bears" over "twinks," but a muscly, playful jock trumps both. Can"t use poppers. (Seems I"m allergic.) But every now and then a clip makes me wish I could participate.

Turn Offs

Just don"t be disrespectful to yourself or anyone else, and if it get"s too raunchy/extreme, I"m out.


Porn or regular?


Photography, Carpentry, Gardening, Cooking, Baseball, Euro football, Working out...

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bknygay's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  
good sucker
6 years ago
Swallow it all
7 years ago

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