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I want to marry and impregnate Australian girls in Australia.

My goal is to live in Australia permanently.

This does include obtaining citizenship and having children.

I have a University degree (@ a US uni) in the technical fields.

I am self employed and live in Puget Sound (Seattle / Tacoma / Everett).

Turn Ons

Indian and Asian girls, I would like to marry and impregnate them.

To me, there is nothing hotter than having long, hot, passionate sex with no condom, then at the critical moment plunging in as deep as possible and erupting deep inside a tight pussy, keeping my cock buried in her until every drop is deposited deep inside. I love hearing a woman telling me how much she needs to feel me to cum in her.

Even hotter if she is NOT on birth control, letting the primal urge to breed take over and begging for it anyway. That just makes me shoot so hard it hurts, pressing into her as hard and deep as I can, blasting every hot drop straight into her cervix and not pulling out an inch until every drop is deposited deep inside her.

I always like to be inside a girl for as long as possible. I also try to time it so we both cum at the same time, feeling her cunt clamping down and milking my cock, her cervix spasming and kissing my knob, dipping over and over again into the huge pool of my cum and greedily sucking up every drop deep into her womb as I spurt. It could be said that I have a impregnation fetish.

Turn Offs

American girls.

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