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Lesbian only Size Queen

Lesbian only not bi so no guys please. Fellow size queens excepted. I have been into toys and large objects since my teens and am quite acomplished at doing very large objects. I do make some money out of it doing performance art, which is something I am still working on to make into a buisness one day. I prefer to be a recluse so I choose what I do and where it happens.

I have a rather chaotic lifestyle and don"t use the net much. Can"t justify a smart phone and tend to live off the grid as a choice.

I have used alt initially and still have a blog there. Also xhamster, FB (under my real name), fetlife are ones I like.

Just starting here to and europrofile is one I was recommended. There are others some may know but these are the best way to get to know me in a hurry.

Turn Ons

Pretty much anything that I think will or could fit in my vagina I will or have given it a go. The list of things so far is pretty huge so I won"t bother listing it all. I have spent alot of time and money in $2 shops with bottles, vases etc. They make cheap toys.

Fellow size queens who are into it is preffered regardless of gender. (size queen is not a gender specific label) great way to find cheap toys and new ideas.

Turn Offs

Guys who want to live out there fantasies at my expense. Be a fan if you want, just dont objectify me as a thing you can dominate or I will rip your nuts off.


Generally action films will make me go to the cinema. Fan of Milla Jovovich even though the last Resident was pretty bad. Have become a fan of Ann Hathaway. True stories and heroic heroines. Angelina Jolie, Susan Sarandon.

Porn with Chloe Nicole. (I actually look a bit like her; body wise at least)


Being off the grid, walking, travel, my mind draws a blank now but there is much more


Eclectic selection from all types. I like things with unique sounds and harmonies. Not a fan of top 40 and comercial pop nonsense. Show me the real artists. Big fan of Pink


I like books but they are too heavy to cart around. Anne Rice, Alastair Reynolds are my fav writers.

About my Partner

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bigbottlegirl's Favourite Videos (5) (5 - 5 of 5)  
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2 years ago

Thank you for the lovely comments

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3 years ago

WTF is with my post showing a blank pic of a guy??? this site has issues

3 years ago

I tried to adjust my profile and alot of the time I have this stupid xtube bar at the bottom which will not get out of the way and will not let me scroll to the bottom of the page to save. Also noticed the help option is just a word not an actual link to anywhere. So for now this is my profile people

bigbottlegirl - Female , 37

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