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Submissive with a piss fetish

30/f. I"ve always had a serious piss fetish, but have come to identify as a submissive masochist these days, as well.

It"s not easy to find someone who can be the flipside of my coin.

Turn Ons

male and female desperation and wetting

outdoor and public pissing

pissing on each other for fun

being pissed on as a degrading act

sucking cock, being facefucked, facials or swallowing cum

being whipped and/or slapped

sexual degradation and humiliation, especially verbal

being manhandled

being used

men fucking inanimate objects

handsfree orgasms

pants-pissing musicians, especially fiddlers ;)

Turn Offs

The usual gross stuff other people list, wussy dudes


I prefer non-Hollywood. But my favorite American movie is Blade Runner.


musical omnivore, the internet, languages, travel, thinking about sex, thinking about sex in other languages while traveling


I mentioned I"m a musical omnivore but currently I listen to mostly: a) korean pop, b) irish traditional, c) singer/songwriter, d) ambient electronica, e) rock, or f) jazz.


Mostly nonfiction... any fiction I read is strictly either crappy escapist or classic literature. Nothing in between. No Oprah books.

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Physical Profile

Sexual Accessories

getting whipped with a belt
1 year ago
flooding my panties and a towel in a chair
1 year ago
short jeans piss in tub
1 year ago
Even more desperate, jeans flooded with piss
1 year ago
can't hold it, pissing my jeans
1 year ago
just another desperate jeans piss
2 years ago

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10 months ago

hi there Belle,

I would love to play pee holding games with you. maybe you could hold me from letting go? I know i could help you hold it.

let me know what you like

1 year ago

You have amazing videos!!!

1 year ago

Un grand merci pour ces chaudes baignades que l'on se plairait tant à partager...

1 year ago

Thanks for the add love your videos you have a great body

1 year ago


1 year ago

Awesome video!!!!!  Love wet jeans.  Thank you for sharing with us.

2 years ago

Woops, my typo.  I meant to say that I wish I were years younger.  I am probably old enough to be your grandfather or certainly your father.  I am happy to accept your friend request if you still want me to.

2 years ago

i am years younger than 33 if that's what you're assuming ;)

2 years ago

Nice to see a woman with my taste in videos.  I wish you were years younger.

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