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I love women, TS, and passable CDs. I love slim women and I especially love curvy women. I love the look and feel of a soft, smooth feminine and womanly body. I love nice asses and thick thighs. I love soft breasts. I love licking and tasting your wet pussy. I love fucking you slowly with dirty passion and building up to a dominating hard fuck. I want you to feel like a dirty little submissive whore. I want you to suck my cock slowly until I cum inside of our hot beautiful mouth. I want you to jerk me slowly until I cum on your lips while you lick the cum off of my cock. I want to fuck you from behind pulling on our hair while I talk dirty into your ear fucking you harder and harder rubbing my cock so deep inside of you. I want to make you cum in every way possible. I want to fuck your tight ass and rub your clit until you scream in a loud moan. I want to be sucked by a tranny. I want to fuck your tight little ass hole gently then pound it so fucking hard that you can"t help but scream with pleasure and pain. I love being sucked by tranny girls. I love the way you take my hot load into your mouth. I want to fuck your mouth. I want to suck your cock until you cum inside of my mouth. I want to lick the cum off of your cock. I want you to be my personal whore for me to fuck when I want. I like to watch. I like to watch girls make love. I like to watch a women get fucked by a man. I like to watch trannys fuck. I like to watch a tranny be dominated by a man. Who wants some?

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scat and piss...sorry

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me stroking to cum
3 years ago
See me cum slow and hard
4 years ago
stroking myself to pre-cum
4 years ago

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Deep Fucking
4 years ago
Belly handjob
4 years ago
5 years ago
nice teamwork
4 years ago
TS Jess Cream Pie
5 years ago
Teen Anal Orgasm
6 years ago

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