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HELLO ALL!!! Im a single straight guy!.. ÂI love a few things. one is watching someone who can really get off on there won and that are expressive about it. Ânothing to me is worse then someone who has a orgasm and sais nothing or makes no noise. Âi like noise and good facial expressions. Â I also love to watch people have sex, young college kids Âare the best. Âbut even better Âis watching 2 that are really in love. I love to try new things and i love to talk. Âpeople say im very kind to all and i think i am. ÂIm new here and would like to make friends. ÂIm still learning how to do things here, I still might be straight BUT ill chat with anyone. ÂPLEASE ladies make comments as i like to hear from you.

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anal beads, sexy video with soft light and nice angles. Âthe sweet moments in life. niceÂbodiesÂand aÂgoodÂsenseÂof humor.

Turn Offs

people who take them selves way toÂseriouslyÂ,arroganceÂandÂbigotry.


The matrix, star wars, superman old and new. batman ( the joker,,rip) the locked room, the langaleirs, the raimman, field of dreams, the black hole, steamboat willy( dsniey cartoon) pollyanna, harry potter, 3 ninjas, 5 children and it, scanner darkly, the hole, nightmare on elmstreet, something wicked this way comes, needfull things, saw, mask, the mummy, anything with natalie portman, better off dead, 1401 just to name a few...


collecting movie props and wardrobe, have been for over 20 years.


as long as it took talentÂto make. Âthere are to many bands who dont play music, they play NOISE.


harry potter, J.R Token books, golden compass, the vampire assistant. the one i use the most is the yellow pages.

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another orgasm with my vib
7 years ago

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2 years ago

sounding good ;)

4 years ago

one word...well maybe two words....FUK YEAH!!!!   got to run and get my vibe...MMmm

5 years ago

Truly wonderful to watch and listen to!!



6 years ago

Pleeeeeeeeeeeese make more!

6 years ago

Sent you a friends request. We hope you accept. Love your content, keep up with the sexy fun. Check out our page. We post new content daily.

2 l0st s0uls

Eva and Vincent

6 years ago

your last video was very hot.  i love masturbating and edging with my vibrator. very intense orgasms.  Keep them cumming. 

6 years ago

Hope to see much more of your vids, thanks for the good works.

6 years ago

Hot first video!  Keep posting!

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