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Big bear in OKC

God my photo quality sucks. Sorry guys, I will try to find something better.

Big bear, mid 40"s looking for friends from all over to chat or to meet. Friendship doesn"t necessarily need to be based on sex or sexual preferences, but many are. FT student and self employed. Love to laugh at life.

Turn Ons

Body hair, facial hair, bears, otters, cubs, daddies, suits, uniforms, cowboys, lumberjacks, confidence, sensitivity, a killer smile, sweat, natural man scents, wet sloppy kisses, beer bellies, accents...I could go on, but will get sidetracked if I do. I don"t have hangups on age, race, dick size, body type, etc. My nipples are definitely my "on" buttons. Give them a tweak and I am yours. Not bothered by smoking, but have a drink before you kiss me. I prefer butch/masculine, but not bothered by fem acting as long as you LOOK like a guy. Some turn ons more kinky but we can save that for a more private conversation.

Turn Offs

Attitude, unwarranted confidence, cynicism, inconsiderate rejection (hey if I don"t float your boat, I can"t handle "no." Just don"t be an asshole about it). The list may seem short but I try to find the best in everyone.


Action, horror, sci-fi, comedy, musicals, some gay themed movies (foreign are best. We make some shitty gay movies here). Although I loved BearCity. Favorite movie is The Birdcage.


Art (love to paint and draw), music (play 4 musical instruments). Cooking, board games, drinking games with friends, collecting vintage toys.


Jazz, rock, country, R&B, just about anything except rap. Favorite group is Fleetwood Mac.


I love to buy books, but seldom read. Mainly horror when I do.

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