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this is not me...

... it is the person on my shoulder who, every now and then, thinks it would be a good idea to ejaculate in front of a camera for the benefit of a few thousand anonymous voyeurs...

Turn Ons

Sparkly eyes. A shy smile. A dry sense of humour. Slim physique. If you can also make me smile, laugh and give me a hard on whether or not at the same time then it"s time to explore!

In terms of xtube, as you can see from my favourites list, what really turns me on is a sexy girl masturbating â not porn-style staged, but genuinely enjoying herself with herself in her own way. In return I post vids of me masturbating using a variety of aids from porn to the kinkier side. Hope you enjoy!

Turn Offs

Treating sex as if it were serious. Make me squeal in pleasure or pain if you like, but we"re still having a bit of fun, right?

Designer labels


Designer clothes


Those brown bags with LV printed all over them, and the people attached to them physically and emotionally

(though I"d still quite like a Ferrari myself)


Bad grammar, particularly inappropiate apostrophe"s, incorrect hy-phens and wrongly spelled masterbation.

Anything involving anal (though analysis is OK, banal definitely isn"t and canal I can take or leave)

particularly with males


sport, music, adrenaline


everything from 1970s rock to trance and all in between


modern fiction, science fact

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watch my cock dancing to TENS machine
3 years ago
fun with nettles reload
3 years ago
Tribute medley to Rashadub and others
4 years ago
rashadub you turn me on...
4 years ago
reload - premature ejaculation to xtube babe
4 years ago
4 years ago
tens estim session
4 years ago
in honour of high pussy play
4 years ago
tribute to sisequiere
4 years ago
premature hands free ejaculation to yummy pussy lips
4 years ago
tens come
7 years ago
Soft to orgasm in 2 mins with vibe
7 years ago

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3 years ago

Thank you for the invite darling. Love the profile and vids.

3 years ago

Hi there – pse add me on yahoo messenger or skype if u like 2 estim on cam – my username is   john.ann1975

3 years ago

well thank you cher ..for stopping to watch and for letting me know you enjoyed what you found -please come again pun, of course (:

3 years ago

yummy cock and a load of cum

3 years ago

please make a tribute to me please

5 years ago

Thanks for friending and for adding my vid to your faves :)

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