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Life is beautiful. Enjoy it. The rest will fall into its place, as we progress! Built up your energy and immune system, through daily sexual activities and a perfect diet!(For my Dutch Musical/Sexual Fans, in the Netherlands and Belgium!Heel hartelijk dank, voor jullie mede leven van mijn openlijke erotiese en naakte beleving in mijn dagelijkse leven! Mijn sexuele stijl is wijd open, voor de hele wereld te zien. Ik heb niks te verschuilen. Al verlies ik vrienden en familie leden mee. Maar dit is wie ik werkelijk ben. Jullie steun, maak het me meer zekers, dat in hoe en wat ik doe, een goede voorbeeld ben voor vele mensen. Heel hartelijk dank!)

I believe, that the therapy of our gifted body, is to explore all sexual advantages in life My part explains, why my addiction to sex and self genital pleasures, enhances my daily outlook on life. Why this secret, should be exposed to what the outcome of it really is. Many don"t realize, it makes you a positive, energetic, healthy and a very self secured individual. I like to share my experience with others on Xtube. The only channel in the world, is were we can express our sexual wants and needs of such a great explosive treasure.
Wanted to thank the staff of Xtube, of understanding, that this is not for everyone"s daily supper. So enjoy life and share your sexual beliefs on Xtube. Thank you all for watching my videos and pictures.

I am also following my musical career. I take chances, to make it or not. But it won"t change my mind, in what I believe in my World Of Pure Sexual Enjoyment.

For my Musical Nudist Fans in the United Kingdom:

For my Erotic Musical Activities:

Google search, aquablauw nude and harrybroker nude, for more juicy info and pictures.

Google Search, aquablauw and/or harrybroker, for more information! Thank you all for visiting my page!

I am open as a book, pure naked and true, nothing to hide!

Turn Ons

Sex is not only to make babies. God gave us a toy to play with, in keeping us happy and healthy, each and every day. By staying away from Doctors and Pharmacies. CBT, TT, anal work and stretching. Floggings, Bondage and out door plays.

Rest assure, that all photo postings and video performances, are all recorded and posted by, Harry Broker. Everyone is entitled, to do with my material, as they please. I have no sexual secrets to the outside world and you all can do whatever you please with!

Sexual activities, keeps you happy, energetic and Pure Healthy.

Turn Offs

Scat play, consuming feces and any unhealthy, permanent damage and unsafe practices. No inking, no piercings, no body modifications, no removal any genitalia in part or in whole.


Thelma & Louise and Ghost! Miss ye, Patrick Swayzee. And Demi Moore, you look great!


Nudism, swimming, (nude), tennis, (nude).All open inhouse and recreation, if possible, in the nude! Musical activities. Nude tanning, travel and future concert tours. Many productive, Erotic,Intimate and long play Sexual activities.


Richie Sambora, Kate Voegele, Patty Smyth, Ronnie Dunn, Leann Rimes Rascal Flatts, Roseanna Cash and More


"Stranger In The Mirror", by Sidney Sheldon

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Top Comment #1 by: UrbanNudist
5 months ago will do that Google search![/b][/i]

Top Comment #2 by: UrbanNudist
5 months ago to the neighborhood and I am happy to be among your friends![/b][/i]


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1 month ago

OMG (Oh My Goddess) we have sooo much in common, and we live just down the road from each other. You ever been nude swimming at Dale Hollow Lake? Talk about pure Magick!!

5 months ago will do that Google search![/b][/i]

5 months ago to the neighborhood and I am happy to be among your friends![/b][/i]

1 year ago

appreciate the add :)

1 year ago

Wanna make a comment of people reporting my video/pictures as going against TOS rules of Xtube? Let me remind you, that this is not for your way of educational  purpose. Go watch Nick Jr. or Disney Channel. What you see, is reality of people that think and have many ways we all feel how our sexual behavior should be like! Appeciate the courtesy, not to  watch our pages nor Xtube in general. Thank you!

1 year ago

Thanks for the invite sexy! ;3~

1 year ago

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