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Just lovin', livin', and enjoying all life's pleasures.  I'm 6'1", salt n' pepper hair, unless their is color on it, which is quite often.  Only hairy on the front side, no back hairs.  Around 7+.  Average weight for my age, just a little extra around the waist.  (HIV-)  I like to play, but I like to play safe.

Turn Ons

Not much doesn't. (LOL)  I really like a guy with beautiful eyes, the kind that can look into your soul instead of yourself.  I like a smooth guy, but a little hair never hurts on occassion.  It seems that bears give the best hugs. 

Turn Offs

Artsy-fartsy, self-important, wanna-be's that have neither the life experience or educational intelligence to indulge a challenging conversation.  If you think your all that, then prove it.  Otherwise, leave me alone.


I love horror and si-fi movies.  I especially like the B-rated movies.  Ed Wood is one of my heroes.


Pullin' on my big cock, fucking 'n sucking, reading, watching soap operas. (Please, we all do that).  Really, I like to take long walks with my dogs, hike up the mountains, I have been fucked while hiking in the mountains, I guess that is a hobby also.  I don't watch much TV, especially reality shows, with the exception of American Idol.




I read frequently, no, not nudy mags.  I enjoy mystery/suspense/crime/drama/murder.  I love to read James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell & John Saul to name a few.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the friend request and commented.  Accepted because you are so fucking sexy.

5 years ago

I want you so bad.. I'm in love..

J x x

5 years ago

Nice hot vids man! 

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