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looking for slim, cute, passive guys...

young at heart; slightly older in other places ~ 49 is my average psychological age; on a bad day I can feel 70+ but I"m only a kid when jumping in puddles...

I"m also an amateur photographer...

Lack Of Face Pics!

The story is told of three university professors, who were sunbathing nude on the banks of the Thames at Oxford - a part of the Thames that (at that time) was exclusively for gentlemen.

A cry went up along the bank that some ladies were coming through by boat. The three professors leapt to their feet. Two of them covered their genitals with their hats; the third held his hat in front of his face.

After the ladies had sailed by, the two professors turned to the third and asked him why he didn't cover his genitals.

He replied: "I don't know about you, gentlemen, but in polite society I am recognised by my face."

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I'm looking for slim, cute, passive lads; ideally under about 34, and preferably smooth(ish)..

I can enjoy gentle, vanilla fun, but do enjoy getting kinky...

Turn Offs

20-stone octogenarians

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