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Stimulate more than just my body...

Just wish I could upload things, enjoy my sexuality without being hassled for a phone number or whatever. Sometimes a girl is just happy on her own. Besides what is a penis or a voice going to do for me if there's not a soul, body, personality, heart and intellect to go with it? If you're seeking something, you're best to approach me through my brain - because we're not teenagers anymore, waving your dick at me alone just doesn't work like it used to. Sorry to break that to you..

Turn Ons

Dark hair, beards, nice eyes and great smiles. Doesn't take himself too seriously. Extensive food or music knowledge. Creative-type. Progressive mindset in general. Good with kids and/or animals. Geeky/nerdy interests. Naturally affectionate, snuggly, loves PDA. A listener...cliched as fuck, I know!

Turn Offs

Misogynistic. Dishonesty. Emotionally manipulative. Pushiness. Trying too hard. Possessiveness. "Dudebro"/Fratboy/Hoodrat personas. Insincerity just to get laid. Bad hygiene. "Text speak", we are not 15 years old, okay, use REAL words. Being willfully ignorant. Being in a relationship already.


Messing with makeup looks, improving my skill, travel (when afforded to me), cooking - improving on my skills, writing - I have my own personal blog outside of here. Back into reading again. Photography and editing - casual hobby, still fucking around with my Pentax K-2000 my friends gave me, so not truly serious enough yet. Sex, hurr hurr hurr... sometimes.

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Top Comment #1 by: yoursecretagent
2 years ago

Happy holidays and I hope you have a great 2013!!!


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2 years ago

Happy New Year!!!!

2 years ago

Happy holidays and I hope you have a great 2013!!!

2 years ago

Thank you for your hot comments! ;)

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