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â I have taken a liking for fursuits and decided to become a scalie which became the form of a rubber dragon which is both male and female but I prefer being a TG more than I do staying as a normal male rubberist and a male dragon. I hope to make friends with other scalies, rubberists and furs alike so I can understand your way of the world and learn new things I never knew.

Yuki"s introduction

â Quick and agile as a wild predator, Yuki is a paragon of her clan.

Broad and rubbery sharpened to a razor"s edge, her claws are more than just pointy attatchments. Men with agendas and resources had the audaciy to give her what no amount of training could bring her. The natrual pleasure of another, more powerful than a number of her clan. Her forearms are not used by her own will, but they are straped with rubberly spikes to hold the gloves and the catsuit in place. For a naughty girl wrapped up in latex and bondage as the pride of her own natural-born strengh, it was rather pleasurable to get your cock rubbed by her rubbery spikes... and she"s gotten quite fond of her new suit.

Naughty and cruel, there is little that she enjoys more than getting turned on using sex toys. To call her unfriendly would be an unfair name because she can be quite generous at times and a vicious girl at other times. In sexual situations you can try and be "friendly" with her usually is a waste of energy. As a turned on girl tends to make more "sexual demands" than she does "with other things" This works out just fine for the hardcore ones.

Her attitude is rather sexual and slutty at times, wearing a catsuit over her bare body with latex frills over her clawed hands that are usually her faveourite article to wear. The tag of the first zip in her catsuit showes who her preveous owner is and usually dangles from her catsuits collar. Her arms are just a little too long for the catsuit, and the catsuit is just a little to big for the rest of her, which tends to exaggerate an an illusion of disproportion in her figure. So to make this seem un noticable she wears two pairs of long latex gloves under her hand and claws in the middle. Her breasts can usually be found underneith, a black latex G string bra and corset, and whatever latex pants she can get her claws on. Her ears are normally exposed she has a number of horns, the largest being two horns on both sides of her ears. She tends to put accesories on both of them to make them stand out. She also wears nice, heavy boots that fit her thick-clawed feet, which are very confy.

It"s on rare days when she dresses particularly pretty, with rubberly spikes around her wrists and french red maid pants with frills aswell as frills around her arms and legs. But there have been certain days (possibly on nights which require more pleasure) when she"s been seen wearing two pairs of latex pants with a vibrator on the inside of the second pair.

The ones she seems to hate wearing is the knee-lengh red clown-like frills over her knees and her shoulders, these red like frills broard and pattern her catsuit to make it alot more noticable. Regardless of what accesories she wears (legend speaks of her liking non metal spiky accesories in particular) her comfy black boots tend to keep her legs from being too bare.

Her horns are something of a pleasure to her, though she would never admit that she enjoys touching them. Sensational and snow-white, she lets the sensation move down her back in ecstasy sending gentle curves quite frequently, though on hot days that require movement and confidence, all those thick black rubbery parts of her body tighten around her skin.

Turn Ons

Rubberist side Interests: Latex, Rubber Natural, Lycra/Spandex, PVC/Vinyl, Rubber, Synthetic, Boots, Drysuit, Gloves, Masks, Uniforms, Kissing, Sex, Licking, Rubber Dolls, FelinePlay, Zentai, Leather, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, buttplugs

Scalie Dragon side interests: Latex, Rubber, Natural, Fetish cross-dressing, claws, wings, handcuffs, frills, corsets, panties, ribbons, dildo penetration and dildos, buttplugs, Boots, Dragonplay, Dragon plushes, anal sex, bondage and being totally submissive to whom ever wants to play with me!


Anime, Hentai, Porn, Fetish as in latex related or even fully enclosed in latex movies. Fursuit videos, weather they are yiff, guyxguy, guyxgirl I like them all.


Favourite Music: Pop, and J-Rock.


Manga, Graphic Novels, Sexual books and Books about the fetish culture.

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1 year ago

Not sure how active you are anymore but love your videos. Love your dragoness and she's just so cute!

3 years ago

Thank you for adding me

4 years ago

Yuki wishes all you Xtube viewers are rubber fetishy christmas and a happy new year ^W^

5 years ago

how have you been

5 years ago

Hi nice to meet you

5 years ago

Yuki wishes all her xtube friends and other members of the xtube community a clawy heart felt rubbery valentines day, and wishes that you all found your true love which whether is your inner beast or someone close to you on this momentous day.

Kisses XxYukixX

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