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I love to show your cute vulva affection.

I am looking for a nice girl to cuddle up to.

I am a tall, affectionate, educated intellectual seeking a similar female to be my best friend and romantic partner. I love to cuddle and hug, but I believe in taking things slowly and I would never enter a woman whom I did not feel deeply in love with. I am not very experienced being more than friends with a girl and I"m guessing that you would be ready before I am.

The one exception to going slowly I have is with my hands. I really want to make you feel good and would love to caress your body all over, especially the parts of your body that you love to have touched. I would love to sweetly undress you for better access to these parts of your body, even if at first it would just be the small of your back or around your navel. I love caressing your bare skin and will not think any less of you no matter how nude you were willing to get on our first date. I wold love to be making "come hither" gestures inside your vagina as soon as you are ready. I would love to run my finger carefully along your hymen, if you still have one, and of course, play with your clitoris. Your vulva is also one of my favorite parts of you to look at, and pleasuring yourself is the ultimate edutainment for making you feel good. I would still be zipped up and everything for all this while you are gasping and moaning with orgasms. I"m perfectly capable, just shy...

I am sure I will get plagued with bots for webcam girls, but I am really looking for the sort of girl who can hold an interesting conversation with me and enjoy all this manual affection because she is my best friend forever. I am looking for someone intellectual, educated, cultured, and interested in the arts. I"m not much into sports at all. It would be a huge turn on if you could philosophise while I"m giving you all this affection. Of course, I always want your voice telling me which spots you like best when my fingers meet them.

While you are welcome to tell me about any particular pleasure spots you may have (somewhere on your skin, or a specific location within your vagina, for example), I would really like you to demonstrate that you are an intellectual by telling me about some of the things that you are into (particular books, etc.). Pic for pic only. I have only clothed pics, myself. I don"t mind how you"re dressed in them, but I"m just saying this in case you have any expectations.

I"m looking for a girl who loves to cuddle and masturbate for her man. I"m not so much looking for an exhibition as to see what you *actually* like to do for yourself. I"m looking for an intellectual type whom I can really relate to on a friend level, or it won"t be nearly as fun.

Turn Ons

casual female nudity (especially spread-eagle), female masturbation (preferably manual), female ejaculation, vulvas, vaginas, clitoris, yoni massage, pantilessness, toplessness, chastity, monogamy, cunnilingus, cuddling, slenderness, tallness, "cute" looks (as opposed to "hot" looks), long hair, red hair, dark hair, large labia/clit, smaller breasts, at home nudism/CMNF, musical ability, prefer socks to flip-flops, and the more frequent your self-pleasure, the better.

Turn Offs

tattoos, piercings, bare feet/flip-flops, smoking, other guy"s things (even in porn I don"t like seeing them; I especially hate fellatio porn), anal anything, promiscuity, vacuosness (dumb moments are not attractive to me, especially if faked), obesity, heavy drinking/drug use, foot fetish, BDSM.


Orpheus, Brazil, Criterion Collection sort of stuff...


vulva massage, reading, writing


Classical, contemporary art music, baroque, prog, psych


literary fiction, drama

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Brooke Skye
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Brooke Skye
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Close Up  My Pussy.
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Massage me please!
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me masturbating
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6 years ago

Thanx for the comment on my page.....I am the Girlfriend thank u for the lovely compliment...i wont show my face though xx

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