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Absolutely addicted to Maledom vids, I watch them over and over and cry and masturbate for hours. So, if you really want to be my friend, the quickest way to do it is to send me a REALLY hard Maledom vid. I"m in love with The Stockade.

I have been a sexslave, sex addict ever since. I do not see sex as a form of pleasure. I believe that sex is a form of warfare and violence. I will not have sex with someone who does not bring pain to it. I need to be broken and dominated. I am not interested in nice men or women as sex partners. My body must be the sexual property of my Masters and Mistresses, and I must suffer. That"s all I ask. I"m not interested in looks. I have to be Loved by large cocks and straps.
NOTE: I refuse to be involved in oral sex or vaginal sex. I do not fuck around, and I am not interested in wasting time. Warm up on your own time.
I have a deep need to tie down my woman and ass sexedand spank the hell out of her ass. And I love any man who will then do the same to me and my woman.

Turn Ons

BDSMAnal, bigcock, gangbang, submissions to Master"s needs, couples, strapon domination, pegging, hard fucking
Love bdsm bikers so much! I was in a sex shop watching vids and these bikers were fooling around and i walked over and saw their HUGE cocks and couldn"t help it. I was on my knees, they were slapping their cocks against my mouth, down my throat, pulling my hair, ramming them deep, slapping my face, I keep moaning "Oh daddy!"
They were competing passing me back and forth, slapping me. I sucked their balls. Shot their come down my throat.
I love being sexed by bikers, I love you Master.
I need to be broken. Enslave me and make me your bitch. Sex me for hours. I love you so much, Master. Need your cock deep.

Turn Offs

Shallowness, Republicans, religious people, anyone who thinks that the colonization of Space is "a waste of money." Homophobic women.


My favorite movie is "Melancholia"




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cumshot at you
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(Verbal) Ass-shaking anal self-train for imaginary Master
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Beautiful Shemale Bigcock
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Beautiful Shemale Bigcock 2
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