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I am getting old, but I ain't dead yet and still horny as hell!

Just an older geezer who still likes sex. Yea, men and women. I also write a little porn that shows up on under most headings (look for stories by Art).

Did I mention that I like sex? Yea, I love sex!.

Turn Ons

Now before you read the next paragraph and jump to conclusions, I'm bi. So, keep readin'. SmileSlipping into the local gay bath now and then, a joint named MidTowne Spa and ....partaking of the pleasures therein. There are a couple of others in Denver, but this is the best one as far as I am concerned. I got the best blowjob of my entire life there! Wifey and I use to go to a swingers club, but that was quite a few years ago. That was fun too. Nothing like sex with strange women (and some were flat fuckin' strange too) and then going home and getting wifey after she had been with other guys (yea, I know, KINKY!). Having her after she was all lubed up by another guy's cum was so hot. But, that was the pre-AIDSs days too. Shaved pussy! That is so fuckin' hot!LaughingUncut cock. Man that's hot! Not that any of us really had a choice in the matter. I was clipped without my consent! Not that I would turn down a nice looking hard clipped one you understand.

Eating pussy! I just love to go down on a woman and get her off with my tongue.
But then, I do love a good blowjob too. 

Turn Offs

  1. Pushy people,
  2. Overweight people (badly that is - just a little isn't a turn on, but it's not a turn off either.
  3. My ex! I have no idea why I hooked up with her. What an idiot (both of us!) Frown And to her I say (with a smile)
    You need to get over it dahlink, it vos over 30 freakin' years ago awready!
  4. Bad weather (riding a bike in a thunderstorm or over snow really sucks)
  5. Really hairy pussy. Somehow that just doesn't cut it.
  6. Women who don't shave at all - yuck!
  7. Short dicks - nothing there to suck!.
  8. Lack of sex.
  9. People who are intollerant. And to them I say:finger


Action flicks suck - way too fake. Mostly I am into comedy, but not really silly ones.Do fuck-flicks count? I do so love a good X-rated movie. Most of the TV I watch is more along the line of documentary stuff on the satalite - history channel, Reality TV, Discovery Channel and the like.Somewhat historical not I suppose, but I liked:

  • Air America
  • Hunt for the Red October
  • Das Boot
  • The Mask
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (first one was the best) I have no idea why we glorify pirates - you want real pirates, go through the straits of Malacca - should you live to tell about it.


Riding my mountain bike and writing porn stories.Does watching videos on XTube count? Does sex count? Cool


Decided I didn't like the price so quit that. I also found that if I left the radio in the car off on the way to work, I got there a lot less pissed off.


I was into the techno-thrillers and spy vs spy, but they haven't been the same since the cold war ended. Spy vs terrorist just doesn't cut it.Okay, then there are fuck-books, or crotch novels!

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