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Love to be watched by sexy ladies... and to watch them

I`d love to meet (virtually, not in real life) gorgeous ladies who aren`t shy about watching and being watched. I`m all about real things. If you`re fake, please move on to some other profile. Which is admittedly a bit of a contradiction, since my profile picture is obviously a fake! But I just can`t make up my mind on whether I want to show an actual picture of myself, so it`s the best I can do for now.

Turn Ons

Real orgasms, moans, dirty talk, slow masturbation, giving oral, receiving oral, kissing and biting neck and earlobes, tweaking nipples until they become hard, watching a girl`s face as she cums.I gotta stop adding to that list, I`m getting turned on...

Other than that, I`d say I have a pretty vivid imagination. One of my favorite activities is picturing female friends, acquaintances or co-workers in torrid sexual situations. Involving me, of course.

In those fantasies, the woman is sometimes the initiator, but most times, she is too shy to express her hidden longings from me and I have to coax her out of her shell. I can be a bit of a dom — though a non-violent one — and I love taking command and making the fantasy girl obey my orders, to make her reveal her own true sexual urges. Making a colleague masturbate in her office while I watch, or pressing my erection against a friend`s ass as she`s busy doing the dishes, my hand sliding inside her blouse, my lips next to her ear, whispering what I`d do to her right there and then if only our common friends weren`t still sitting a few metres away at the dining table.

Yeah... Those kinds of fantasies...

Turn Offs

Fake orgasms, fake moans, peeing & scat, extreme pain, huge or fake tits




Rock, whether it be hard, slow or prog. Can`t get into the hip-hop / dance / trance thing. Call me old school... Tongue out

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3 years ago

Thank you for your comments on my video!

3 years ago

...and do you have any idea of just how hot your comments are! --whew -it's getting very warm in here (: thank you cher

4 years ago

*mmmuah -thanks for coming by to see me cher, and leaving a little lovin' behind ;-)

4 years ago

Ok you really need to come and talk dirty to me more often ;-) thank you so much for the comments, cher -such a compliment -and hope you see lots that will bring you back to see me again..and again

4 years ago

Thank you for your nice and thoughtful comments on my video!

4 years ago

I definitely do ;) And thanks for the comment

6 years ago

thank for the great comment! i had a lot of fun making this one :)

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