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Sexually pansexual. Psychologically nerdy. Physically strong.

I'm a tall and muscular man who was born in London.

I have a pillar of 11 inches in length that is somewhat balanced in girth.

Turn Ons

Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, slowjobs, slowjobs, powerjobs, self employment, bottoms, common sense, nerdiness, peacocking, kissing, wrestling, going balls deep,

Turn Offs

Poor hygiene, Dishonesty, Religion, Scat (after religion, naturally..), Indirect negativity (go direct or go home, you might be drunk), Stalkers (I might proxy behind many firewalls bruv!), Bullies (being bad is sad, being sad isn't glad), Dead bedroom syndrome (mo text? No sex!) , Irresponsibility (what the flying fudge was in your custard creams!? Crap schemes!), Uncreative Racism (I don't care how many black friends you have, naturally because of Will Smith), Regular racism (remember to look both ways before crossing stupid street in shit valley), Tantrums (visit a doc or drop the strop!), extremely insecure men (y u laugh!? 2 maek may cray zay? Nay!), extremely clingy women (if you breath my air, how is that fair?), extremism (both left and right wing forms, upsidedown too)

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