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Black Unicorns are not dinosaurs

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I'm a tall, muscular and well endowed goth/top (without make-up) who lives in the North of London.

I'm also an expressive extrovert who appreciates time, passion, integrity and honesty. I enjoy activities like photography, digital art, combat sports, civil debates, gaming and filmmaking.

I'm in an ethically non-mogomous long distance relationship with a progressive female sub, which means that we're open to either meeting, dating, having sex and relationships separately as individuals or merging into one form of sentient life upon uttering the word 'Jumanji'.

After studying in hardware, software, animation and games design courses for 4-5 years I figured out how to merge my love of film, digital art, photography, music and the performing arts with African and Japanese influences.

I like creating and supporting the careers of others with skills from various professions, for the purpose of making short-term goals and long-term aspirations go from concept to planning and application within a relatively short period of time with respect to consistency, consent and personal space.

Turn Ons

-Interesting conversations
-Feminine men
-Cross-dressers (I don't participate but I appreciate)
-Furries (I don't participate but I appreciate)
-Butch/Gender-neutral/Feminine women
-Sexually submissive people
-Geeky/Nerdy people

Turn Offs

-Poor hygiene


Old Boy, Source Code, No Country for Old Men, Speed Racer, BFG, The Pagemaster, THE RAID 1-2, Zatoichi, Amistad, Akira, Kill Bill, Iron Man 1, INTERSTELLAR (the second half) , American History X, Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men 1-2 (NOT 3), Astro Boy, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Online/TV Shows - Justice League Unlimited (DC), Archer, COSMOS, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Fringe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. ,The Legend of Captain Murphy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adventure Time, Young Justice Invasion (DC), Game of Thrones, Robot Chicken, Thundercats, Blue Harvest, Bravest Warriors, Dragon Ball (and Z, but NOT GT), There Will be Brawl, Kung Faux, Arrow, Orange is the New Black, GOTHAM (2014), Flash (2014), Smallville (seasons 9-10), Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog.


Photography, digital art, combat sports, civil debates, gaming and filmmaking.


Celtic rock, Classical (instrumental arrangements), Indie, Heavy metal, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Symphonic metal, Soul, Country, Nu metal, Opera (in both Latin and Sanskrit), Drum n bass, J-Rock, K-Pop, OTAKU Hip-Hop and 80s-90s Gangster rap.


RISE of the OGRE (Gorillaz), Planet HULK, Wolverine and Deadpool, Wolverine ORIGINS, SIEGE, Civil War, Thanos: Infinite Quest, Ultimate Spiderman, RED SUN (Russian Superman), The amazing Spiderman, Ultimate X-men, Superior Spiderman, Captain Marvel, The Astonishing Spiderman, Lobo, KINGDOM COME (When Superman was scary).

The Silmarillion, Isaac Asimov books, Brave New World, Ready Player One, Skellig, Of Mice and Men, Crome Yellow, Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzche), The Evolution of Modern Capitalism: A Study of Machine Production, Chinese Literature: Analects of Confucius/the Shi King/The Sorrows of Han, Solomon Northup (12 Years a Slave), Revolution and Counter Revoloution - Germany in 1848, The condition of the working class of England in 1844, Anarchism and Socialism, Secret Diplomatic History of the 18th Century (Karl Marx), The Stages in the Social History of Capitalism.

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