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Hello! ^^ Me and my girlfriend are both bisexual, and we really like to try out new kinky things :D The reason why we want to use Xtube more is because the thought of filming and taking pictures of our self while we have sex kinda turn us on >//> We"re really open about what we like, and we do lots of kinky things to spice up our relationship and sexlife ^w^ We"ll share videos of us together, with others (three/foursome) and when we"re alone~ Hope you like ;3

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Feet, legwarmers, stockings (striped), crossdressing, light S/M and bondage, petplay, armpits, ass(holes), rimming, licking, sweat, smell, furry, fursuit, cosplay, roleplay, video, gay sex, lesbian sex, group sex, hentai, tentacles, slime, shotacon, lolicon, slavery, domination, masks, leather...

Turn Offs

Scrat, puke and all that crazy shit :p

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3 years ago
3 years ago

Footjob with furry legwarmers
3 years ago
Sex with furry legwarmers
3 years ago
Girlfriend touching herself by command
3 years ago
Teen girl gets anal with double dildo
3 years ago

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1 year ago

The perfect open minded couple ! Hope you don't mind the friend invite though };)

2 years ago

Thank you for friend approval :D

3 years ago

One of the beest vids I've seen.........THANKS!  More please!

3 years ago

Thank you for adding me i just LOVE your profile pic.... sometimes i wish i could looks like that hihihi

Love your pics and vid too!!! very nice!


hope you will be my friend and leave me comments and  messages *hugs*

3 years ago

you're such a hot young couple, i'd love to see the two of you making love.  thanks for the add :)


3 years ago

Great pictures and video, you two are super hot.  Plus its always great to see other bisexual couples out there, we are too few and far between.

3 years ago

love the videos thank you for posting

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