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I Make Obesity Look Good

Im a pretty funny and adventurous kind of fat guy. I love to explore my body and explore others.

I can be one of the nicest people you would ever meet,or i can be the worst. I give everyone a

chance,so dont be afraid to add me. I love my Fatness,with a Passion and i love sexual activity.

Anyone can invite me as a friend,but i would prefer to have people,with a Display Pic Videos and/or

Pics. Im a very nice and polite person and i will treat anyone right.

I have uploaded my first video to Xtube,but i dont know if its any good,you guys check it out for me? ;)

New Pics Coming Soon!

Turn Ons

Big Men.

Big Women

Turn Offs

Skinny girls and guys.


I am Legend


I love to play computer games

Listen to music

Social Network

Play Around ;)

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Close up Cumshot
2 years ago
1080p Anal.
2 years ago
1080p Chub
2 years ago
Cum In The Bathroom
4 years ago
First Video On Xtube
4 years ago

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ABU diaper fun
5 years ago
Boss man gets blown
5 months ago
diaper cum 2
5 years ago
diaper cum
5 years ago
Cum'n in diapers
5 years ago
6 years ago
Pee in a diaper
6 years ago
wet my diapers
7 years ago
Same 20 yr old Me..
10 months ago

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1 year ago

A good FORESKIN lesson, especially for CIRCUMCISED guys: teaches them what uncut wank looks like, what they miss by having been clipped. Will make them feel cheated, jealous and frusrated!
Check out my banana foreskin videos and pics!

2 years ago

Thanks for add me sexy.

3 years ago

Hey , thnx for accepting the request :p here's my msn if u want to talk some time     , PS: Nice pictres ;)

3 years ago

Hey !!, nice  body , and i love your description of yourself !! , :p , let's be friends :3

3 years ago

Thanks for the add request, you have some very nice photos  ;-)

3 years ago

Wink Thank you for viewing my profile Wink

I would love for people to look at my pictures and leave a comment.



TubbyPanda - Male , 22
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