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Various scenarios;

ï I rinse in the shower, shut water off and you lather me up and give me a head-to-toe washing, as many times as you like. No sex or rim then suck my prong?

ï I last a very long time and cocksuckers are welcome to strap on some kneepads (I have adjustable ones) and worship my prong for up to three hours. I like to sit back and watch you, or play a video game, or whatever.

ï Show up early in the morning to chug-down or take a shower in my strong yellow morning piss.

ï Spend some serious time licking my hairy asshole.

ï you"re a sub who feels natural paying for the privilege of being my ottoman while sniffing and chewing on my cumrag-sock (about 200 wads from four guys in there by now) while jacking himself off onto the floor. If he wants to add his gunk to the sock he naturally pays more

ï you got any other ideas?


Turn Ons

Silverdads, dads, daddies, mature, older, middle-aged, all the way down to where legal starts... but it"s the men older than myself that I like the best.

Beards, moustaches, deep voices, concentrated cocksucker, feeding my piss into a bottomless stomach, swallowers, deepthroaters.

Tall men... giants actually, and short men... especially with small hands

Turn Offs

Fems CD"s and Trannies

smelling like the piss you drink or the tobacco you smoke

artificial scents

constant talking and "oh shit" or "you like that" or "you getting close"




fulfilling my needs


grunts and hard swallows and the occational cough and sputter


little black ones

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3 years ago

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2 years ago

My fav: Show up early in the morning to chug-down or take a shower in my strong yellow morning piss.

2 years ago

Hey man thanks for the request..nice thick dick...

2 years ago

It's my pleasure to wel-cum you to Xtube and as my new Friend!  I'm also flattered you liked one of my vids enough to save as a Fave - THANKS!!

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