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Just somebody interested in the weird and unusual. I found some extra time (funny luck) so I figured why not perv it up a bit. This looked like the place.

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Sex, women, t-girls, women, uhhhh.. well...  ummmm.. dolls? Ok, i said it. So what.. If you're intent on attaching a "philia" to it, the term is agalmatophilia. Might try looking it up before you decide to go psycho on me.

Turn Offs

Anything not mentioned above.People that are so hung-up they try to ban my videos ! Give me a break. These people that perv around Xtube and then hit me with a holier-than-thou attitude? If you don't like my stuff then simply move on, for I'm certainly not forcing anyone to view it. I don't think it's up to you to judge what others should be allowed to look at if they wish.


I make my own


Keeping my suff UnBanned. I've quite a few hobbies actually. Some of them a bit odd but interesting.


I've heard of it.


Yes, I have books.

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3 years ago

Your dolls are great! Did you make the bodies or did you buy them? I've spiced up a few of my Barbies but nothing as hot as your Bratz!

6 years ago

HI THARE ok whare did you finde the toys me i oly seen the on japnis sights  and the oly one like thows i find here in the USA that are XXXerotic  dolls are the living deed fashen vituns 1st serys and just got two theme ho me i do wargaming and mini paiting that werde enufe well thanks WKJR

6 years ago

It's good to see some imaginative porn. Makes things fun.

6 years ago

First off I love the stuff you do, I must know where i can get a doll body like that. That would most certainly make my videos even better.

6 years ago

Thanks Ally.. It's kinda big. But I'm working on it.

6 years ago

Damn nice head you have there.Foot in mouth

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