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Male Talent Stud for hire!!!

Hi I am a British pornstar and you can see some of my material here or you can google my name to find even more.

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I write music when I can be arsed, go to the gym when I can be arsed, Snowboard when my arse dont hurt,, BMX and Skateboard when I can, and see live bands and when im not doing that, im either video editing, or doing summit media orientated on the pc, or drinking beer down my local pub.

About Me

In Brief:
Fully certed Adult XXX Model, Musician, Producer, Emcee, Actor, Editor and Snowboarder available for hire (pretty much in the style of the A Team) if you can find me...

Vote for me on or Text "HUNK 115" to 89222

I have worked for a number of studios including:

Studio: Fat Cat Studios for
Location: Polegate
Feature: "Welcome To The Convent"
Models worked with: Adele, Emma Leigh and Tiffany Naylor.
Location: Brighton
Feature: "Morning Wood"
Models worked with: Bianca Unique and Carmen Bunny.
Studio: Red Spot Studio for
Location: London
Feature: "Chained And Inspected"
Models worked with: Paige Turnah, Karina Currie, Megan Paige and Sarah Cohan.
Studio: Pumpkin Films
Location: Bristol
Feature: "The Only Way is Sexsex"
Models worked with: Stacey Lacey
Studio: Excelsior Studios for
Location: Crawley, Sussex
Feature: "Parents Evening"
Models worked with: Mia Makepeace, Paige Turnah and Elle Callista.
Studio: Pumpkin Films
Location: Bristol
Feature: "Obscene Gangbang Sluts" DVD
Models worked with: Shay Hendrix
Studio: Moments Studio for
Location: Redhill, Surrey
Feature: "Snowball Fight"
Models worked with: Alexa Andreas, Ayla, and Barrbie Styles.
Studio: Pumpkin Films for
Location: Bristol
Feature: "Hot And Bothered"
Models worked with: Shay Hendrix, Laura Michaels
Studio: Misty"s
Location: Faversham, Kent
Feature: "12 Guys do One Misty" DVD
Models worked with: Misty
Purchase: TBA
Studio: Klicks Photographics
Location: Southampton
Feature: Assisted casting of a model N/A
Models worked with: Jane
Purchase: N/A
Bracknell Goat Boarders the Movie.
Produced by Trev Dolemite and filmed on location in St Anton Austria
I have composed music for my band the Bogus MC"s available on
Amazon and iTunes or from our myspace page.

Our latest tune to be played on the radio is "A Message to You, Rooney
I have had my England song played on Radio 1, Reading 107fm, BBC Berkshire and been featured in the Sun and local newspapers.
The song is also featured on the Apple iPhone game World Soccer Champ 2010 available here:

I have done some TV/Extra work most noticeably for in the short film "Huddle" available on YouTube

Interests include:
Writing Music, Making Porn, Hitting the Gym, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMXing, Seeing Live Bands...and hitting Club Rub now and again for some fetish fun!
Social Networks:

Turn Ons

Porn hahaha!

Turn Offs

Smelly People


Star Wars films and Adam Sandler comedies.


Music, Skateboarding, BMX, Snowboarding, beer, sneakers and trees! (Fuckin Rock n" Roll)


Anything by
2 Live Crew, 3rd Bass, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Bogus MC"s, Bomb the Bass, Burt Bacharach, Carl Orff, Chas & Dave, Cypress Hill, Danny Elfman, David Bowie, DJ Format, Dr Dre, Dukas, Eric B & Rakim, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, Gossip, Guns n" Roses, Ice T, Ice Cube, John Williams, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Klaxons, Kraftwerk, Kid n" Play, Libertines, Mark Ronson, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Mix Master Mike, Money Mark, Muse, N.W.A, Oasis, Ozomatli, Paris, Pendulum, Pink Floyd, Plan B, Portishead, Public Enemy, Ravel, Razorlight, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Snapper, Richard Cheese, RJD2, Run DMC, Saint Saens, Santana, Serge Prokofiev, Stetsasonic, The Blackbyrds, The Clash, The Shamen, Tito Puente, The Prodigy, Ugly Duckling, Velvet Revolver, Wagner...


Operation Certain Death

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The Only Way is Sexsex Trailer
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Obscene Gangbang Sluts Trailer
4 years ago
Trev Dolemite, Misty & 11 Other Guys
7 years ago

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Top Comment #1 by: woolyback
6 years ago

@ last not a boy or flabby but a handsome man


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2 years ago

hi, xx

6 years ago

Hiya mate, welcum to XTube! Here's an X-rated story that I wrote for XTubers, hope ya like it.

Knock knock. WHO'S THERE? Doctor Gay. I DON'T KNOW YOU, WHADAYA WANT?! I was making a house call next door, and I couldn't help but peep in your bedroom window after your neighbor told me what a hot ass you have, and that you're a straight college boy. When I saw you butt naked while you were humping your pillow, I wanted to see if I could interest you in a free prostate exam while I'm here. WHAT KIND OF EXAM IS THAT? That's when you bend over and spread your buttocks apart, and I insert my finger in your anus in order to rub your "male G-spot." OH, I REMEMBER READING ABOUT THAT EXAM. HOW LONG DO YOU RUB IT? Altogether, everything takes about 45 minutes. HUH? I READ THE EXAM IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO TAKE A FEW SECONDS! That's true, butt I take great pride in my work, and I'm very thorough. In fact, I perform the exam four separate times to ensure that I don't miss anything. I'm also very caring, in that I won't ram my finger up your anus and then jerk it back out. In short, I treat your anus with the respect it deserves. WHY WOULD OTHER DOCTORS TREAT IT ROUGHLY? They're paranoid that you'll think they're gay if they leave their finger in your anus too long. ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT YOU'RE NOT GAY? Yes and no. My name is Gay, butt I'm definitely not gay. I just like to give prostate exams to straight college boys who have hot asses. Butt don't ask me why, because I really don't know. THAT MAKES SENSE, IN A NONSENSICAL WAY. Butt I compensate for my idiocentricities by being extremely considerate about my patients' feelings. For example, during the first exam when you're lying on your back, I'll rub the outer part of your anus for about five minutes. This is so you'll get accustomed to the feel of my finger between your buttocks before I insert it in your anus.

This story is too long to post the whole thing here. The rest of it is in my "About Me" on my profile page, entitled, "About The Gay Doctor Who Thinks He's Straight."

6 years ago

@ last not a boy or flabby but a handsome man

6 years ago

******Welcome to XTube******

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